Is God the only source of moral values or moral laws?

Some Christians say that morality is grounded in God but add that God is not the only source of morality. They will tell you that God is a rational God and because his creation and the way he has set up nature is rational you will be able to glean moral values and learn them from creation. They say God does not put out laws like you might do when you invent a new game. He makes sensible laws that are intended to protect justice and love and kindness - reflect his personality. He has made the universe exhibit and protect some of those values so all values do not come from him.

But they do come from him only when he is the creator.

The more than one source of morality doctrine is taught not because it fits the doctrine of God - it doesn't - but because we all know that when we do good there is more than faith at work. Instinct and fellow feeling are part of it as well.

Suppose objective morality and God are inseparable just like religion says they are. If God does not demand full acceptance of how objective morality is grounded in him then morality is not really objective in the first place. If morality is 51% grounded in God then what about the 49%? It shows that morality is not all about God. It would still be morality if it did not have God at all.

At times all we care about is them. Morality can do without God.


Religion simply does not want the principles of justice and love and how to apply them to be merely or even largely your opinion. It says, “Morality is bigger than your opinion”. That is meant to silence you. That may be true but it is not proof that morality is totally independent of what you think. Water is totally independent of me but it exists in such a way that makes it matter to bodies and to people.

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