Religion likes to claim that rights are legal fictions if there is no God! There is a fast and easy proof that that is a lie.

What if those who think they have supreme intrinsic and ultimate value as human beings and who are better than the nature they are a part of are thinking that because of nature? There is more dignity in a person who gets it because nature makes her or him better than it. There is more dignity in a person who would or does become even better than what a God makes her or him. The would is very important. If God is perfect and gives you virtues there is still a sense in which you can have the disposition: "If he gives me perfection and it were possible to be even more perfect WITHOUT him I'd do it." The if or the hypothetical in this case is about the kind of person you want to be. Now you have absolute proof that morality is not about God but about being even better than God if that can be done. If it cannot be that is not the point. Morality is better than God so it comes first and it is okay if you discard God.
God even if real is still a matter of faith for we do not know so we have to rise above faith in God to be better than what even it can make us. That is another way we have to be better than God. That is another way we have to be more moral than God. If faith is our link with God then if we are better than faith then we are better than God.
God is defined as the source of truth. But in fact God can only be the recogniser of truth. If morality is truth – if for example it is true that it is wrong to hurt a baby for fun – then that has nothing to do with God at all. Even if God enforces morality it is still not about him. The judge does not make the law but serves it. That makes the would we had a look at stand out not just a lot but totally.
The only conclusion is that God is a mask for artificial morality.

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