Morality - all about your relationship with God?
Religion sounds like mental illness when it says that God is relationship and God is love/justice/kindness.  It is like somebody saying, "God is 1 and 1 is 2".

The real goal of that is not to support morality but to blind people to how their opinion of morality is as good as God's which leads to chaos.

Objective morality claims that acts of love and justice and compassion are good no matter who thinks they are not.  They are facts in the way the sun remains hot if we all think it is cold.

If God exists and wants a relationship with us then he is the only God worth considering for devotion and service. But the trouble is God to believers is more than a being but also the embodiment of moral principles. What if a Catholic adores a God who wants Muslims murdered in the name of love saying that God uses harm to bring good out of it and as evil exists anyway and thrives we have to use it for his plan?  If you want a doctrine that is going to protect life this is not it.  If you try to use it for protecting life others will see that you are only guessing and you could or will use it for doctrines that endanger life.

The notion of God being objective morality supposedly tells us to have a relationship with him. The objective morality stuff has relationships at its core. God then stands for the objective morality of relationships with God.
If morality is a person then it is about our relationship with God.
God by definition should be the ultimate value. So ultimately all we have is one relationship and that is with God. If that is not possible then there is no God.
If you want to believe in God your first task is to show how God relates to love and is good to have a relationship with. That task can be a gigantic problem. The person who does not admit the problem or make the problem of supreme importance and attempt to concentrate on it before doing anything else is doing evil. Yet many prefer to put it down the pecking order and go ahead and try to prove the existence of God or to show that there are reasonable grounds for believing in God. You need to prove that Hitler is good before you can tell people they have a duty to believe in his authority. We do not want to be promoting a belief in God for it to turn out that it demands the divine command theory - that God can make child abuse holy by simply ordering us to abuse children. Many a Christian paedophile was consoled by the vile doctrine or by the suspicion that it is Christian doctrine.  A paedophile needs little encouragement.
If there really is a creator it is not as important in terms of a being to have a relationship with as it is in terms of a being that made us. It is more important to exist than to be loved or love because love is not possible without existence. So if there is a creator then it is not about relationships first and foremost for that is logically impossible.

If your being made matters more than your being made for God then the doctrine that God is fundamentally and principally about relationship is false. It makes the relationship the next step not the only step. It is not even the first step.
And the notion of a God representing an objective morality that commands you to have a relationship with him is nonsense. Relationships happen - they are not commanded.
Is morality all about devotion to God? If morality is God and God is morality and God alone matters or comes first then it is not about the harm you prevent or the good you do but about the spirit of devotion to God you express with it. So it is not letting others die that is objectively wrong. It is not saving others that is objectively right. What matters is how it connects you to God. You must hesitate before helping the child whose life needs saving to make sure you are focusing on the spiritual. If the child is dead by the time you sort it, then big deal! If anything is wrong then it is your attitude. The spirit you do it in matters more than what you do.

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