What puts hatred for evil in you? Is it just nature? Or God. Both? Why does it matter? God controlling nature which puts it in you is the same as God putting it in you directly. But if nature is doing it and is just doing it and there is no God involved that is all we need to think and know. It does not make sense to get a horse as a gift and then look in its mouth in the hope the giver put a gold coin in it. Nature is bigger than us and if it is making us hate what dangers or persons challenge our existence then you don't need God for morality. Morality is a spectrum and if this is not the perfect morality who cares if it works?  Morality says work with what you have got and that is the perfect morality.  So perfect morality is a spectrum too!

Here is an argument for how God does not help at all with moral values such as justice and love.

“Killing babies is bad but good [or perhaps morally neutral] when God says it is” is just frankly unbelievable. Nobody really accepts this logic. Even “Killing babies is bad but MIGHT BE good [or perhaps morally neutral] when God says it is” is frankly out too.   It proves believers despite what they say, do hold God not to be morality in some way, but to be subject to it. That is what their minds and hearts and emotions tell them. That will never change. Bringing God into it is trying to fit into a moral theory that you cannot fit into.  It is forcing yourself and real morality does not force like that.  It does not make you lie.  If God is subject to a moral standard then which one?  It comes back to what suits us best overall.  Morality is about us not God.  People, like Sam Harris, who say a morally relevant God is nonsense are right on that point.

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