How is the moral side of our nature put into us?

The answers given are:

Conscience – the right and wrong detector.
A God who endorses morality.
A feeling that things are right or wrong.

Or one or more of them.

None of them prove that the morality we have is in fact right.

To argue that we have a caring side and a conscience thus there must be a good God is actually a very prideful statement.  Why?  Why do you need to flatter yourself that an endlessly good creator who is perfect gives it to you?  It is not enough for you that you just have it as imperfect as you are.  And don't flatter your conscience for nobody's conscience tells all the truth.

Punishment may put you off vice and crime and rewards may encourage you to live a good life but both of these appeal to the lower side of human nature.  The evil is there but lurking and hidden.  Morality is about things being wrong and punishable and right and worthy of reward.  Morality paradoxically is itself immoral.  The answer that God instilled morality in us is totally wrong and offensive to God and man.  Morality is about people as a community and like everything else is imperfect.

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