The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity or the Unification Church better known as the Moonies is one of the most infamous religious cults in the world. It was founded by Sun Myung Moon in Korea in 1954.

The sect is into spiritism and numerology. Moon gets his doctrines from contacting spirits. He can do soul travel (The Moon is not the Son, 30) which is an occultic practice. Millions do the same but get different doctrines so why should we believe Moon?
The religion hides behind an astronomical pile of names to hide its identity. It uses deceit that it terms "heavenly deception" to get converts and money. It is no wonder many have to be brainwashed to follow a prophet and a God who advocates such tactics. Their dishonesty would put any normal person off.

Moon was charged with manipulating women members into having ritual sex and many members testified that this was true but the charges were dropped and Moon denied them so it is up to each person to decide. There are more irrefutable testimonies that he did commit this crime than that he did not. His doctrine that sexual sin between Eve and the Devil caused the evil in the world would imply that by having sex with him the new Messiah this could be undone.

The very title of the movement shows that Moon is a false prophet for no Christian Church can accept his doctrines. They are too new to have been really taught by Jesus. He has history and logic against him.

Moon appears to be a monist believing that all things are one spirit and that spirit is God (ibid, 54). Monism is extremely illogical if he is a monist for if all is one God or being then the fly is the same being as the spider that eats it.

Moon said that God made Adam and Eve to grow in goodness and to have children that would not have original sin. Eve had sex with Lucifer and then she fell spiritually and tried to heal herself by having sex with Adam when he was not holy enough and the result was children that are spiritually and physically fallen. Sex passed sin to Eve and she passed it to Adam in sex.

God did not want this we are told.

So why didn’t God put a chastity belt on her or make Satan impotent? Why did God make the law that sex would pass on sin? This is a silly law for only consenting to sin could cause sin. Sex in itself cannot cause sin. Sin is in the will and in the attitude. Why didn’t God take Eve away and make another Eve in her place who would do better? Why didn’t he make Adam impotent? God did want the fall after all so he is bad news.

Jesus was to fix all this damage but was crucified against his will and God’s before he had the chance to marry and make children who had no original sin or fallen nature. His death resulted in spiritual salvation and Jesus rose spiritually from the dead but Rev Moon has come to give physical salvation by marriage. He and his wife are the True Parents. Earthly parents have to come second to him.

God could not save Jesus or put him in a place where he could escape and God could not kill Judas before he betrayed Jesus to death. This is ludicrous theology. Its God is not worth worshipping. The Bible says that God and Jesus intended the crucifixion and that Jesus rose bodily in some way from the dead. The New Testament says that the Old Testament predicted the death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus never mentioned his search for a wife or the need for him to marry.

The Unification Church uses the Bible to attract members who think it is true to it but plans to drop the Bible some day (69. See also Divine Principle 118 where Moon writes that the period in which the New Testament has its authority will end with the start of the New Age). Thus there is no evidence from the Christian scriptures that Moon is the Messiah and that the Messiah would be a Korean when the Bible is so wrong and so dispensable.

Moon made false prophecies about the time of the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent (84). He does not bother with prophecy much (82) so he gives no evidence for his claims. His book, the Divine Principle, is supposedly superior to the Bible.

He claims to be the Lord of the Second Advent though the Bible says that this Lord will be the same person as Jesus Christ and will not be born of woman the next time round for he will come back as he went away. He claimed that Jesus did not know everything (Master Speaks, March April 1965). That was necessary to avoid agreeing with everything Jesus said when it suited him.

It says Moon knows all spiritual secrets (DP, page 16). He once said that anybody who believed the Bible would believe what he was saying when he claimed to have spoke to Jesus and the Baptist which gave him his authority (Christianity in Crisis, Rev Moon, page 98). But it does not even support his theory about sex romps between Lucifer and Eve!

He was once jailed in the USA for tax evasion (Concise Guide to Today’s Religions, page 105).

Moon said that the Lord of the Second Advent would be revealed in the eighties and had not claimed to be this Lord though most of his followers believed that he was (page 55, The Challenge of the Cults). I find that dishonest of them all. The reason was that Moon knew that his children would not be redeemed spiritually and physically by himself so he had to say that some other figure was going to do this. Moon makes a lot of science but science will refute this grand salvation he promises to bring.

Moon married three times before he found the right bride with whom to save the world. A real prophet would not have made mistakes twice. Could the spirit world not help him to find the right woman?

The cult uses members who are unpaid to make vast amounts of money by working for the sect (page 36). Moon lives in the style accustomed to an emperor.

A book called Guidance for Heavenly Tradition is published by the Unification Church and contains “divine” revelations of crucial importance. Moon fully agrees with and blesses the doctrine that his second son, Heung Jin Nim, who died at the age of seventeen saved the whole world in much the same way as Jesus did by dying for all. Like Jesus, he was even resurrected to life but in the spirit world and visions have occurred to substantiate this. Heung Jin Nim’s sacrifice will not benefit anybody who disbelieves in this resurrection. This man is now the King of Heaven and like Jesus he sent a holy spirit which was a Pentecost like that of the first chapters of the Book of Acts.

Moonies are allowed by their sect to read books that criticise them and their theology. This shows the Moonies can be convincing despite the obviously unacceptable nature of their doctrines and warns that religion is very dangerous and has it's answer for every criticism. But answers are not enough. They have to be thought out right and be plausible.

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