Moderate religion is boring.  Its preachers are boring.  They change to suit the wind is blowing for their priorities are getting praise and a salary.

This makes some turn to fundamentalist forms of the faith or if you prefer to use that term, conservative.

Some moderates turn into extreme activists for they think it makes them more interesting and gives them a platform.  The activism in this case will not be for the religion but something else.  Perhaps trans rights or abortion rights.

Being centrist and moderate gives people a vague idea of what you are about and they will not know how you stand on many specific issues. It makes you seem boring. Extremism seems to make people clearer. People then are going to be more interested in extremists than in you. Critics of it are its best friend for they give it oxygen and attention and thus promote its existence and what it is about even if that is not their intention. People are also are going to be attracted to extremism more than centrism for it is rather lucid and full of drama.

Moderates are terrible liars.  It is okay believing Muhammad was a man of peace until you read the Qur'an.  It is okay reading how inclusive Jesus was when you see in fact he went about with a group of 12 and did not form his fans into an inclusive Church.  How anybody who tells you what to believe and that the Old Testament is truly from God could be called inclusive ... it is maddening.

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