An Argument for Proving Mind Over Matter

It is important to think about the following in order to gain a strong confidence in the hidden power of your mind. This confidence will give you comfort through bad times and it needs to be strong.

Sometimes we take supernatural things for granted to the extent that we don't even notice that they are supernatural anymore. Take for example the human mind.

Thoughts are real things. They are energies that mould and shape events. This is true even if you create an image of what does not exist. The thought is made of energy that is real.

Where does this energy come from?

Do we create it out of nothing?

Do we have the energy and just call it up and turn it into sounds and pictures that we can experience inside our heads?

We have a power in our heads that makes us aware that we exist and which is able to experience thoughts, sensations and sounds. It is this power that creates thoughts or shapes energy into thoughts.

We don't know if we create thoughts or if we make them from energy that already exists. So we see that the odds are 50% that a thought is created by a miracle.

What if we mould and shape our thoughts from already existing energy?

This power is true psychokinesis, the power of mind to control matter or energy directly.

Thoughts could be made of matter that is not as detectable or solid as ordinary matter. There are forces and powers out there that science will perhaps never be able to detect. At one time, science wasn't able to detect the presence of electricity.

Or they could be made of energy that has no parts, eg the energy could be spirit.

When you look at all this, you see that thought is a supernatural power.

You can think that you are touching something.

You can think that you are hearing something.

You can think that you are seeing something.

You can think that you are smelling something.

You can think that you are tasting something.

Even if your bodily senses were all shut down, there is still something that is able to do all these things without the body!

Does this indicate that the mind is somehow separate or distinct from the body?

Is it absurd to think that a thought can exist without a mind to think it? Your hearing still works when you are asleep but the sound doesn't be picked up by your conscious mind. So hearing can exist without a hearer. Your sense of touch feels the blanket against your chin but you feel nothing when you are asleep. Thoughts being made by minds does not mean that thoughts can't exist without minds. So it is not absurd.

It is important to see this. The power of thought is all around us. There are harmful thoughts that were thought thousands of years ago that are still floating around exerting an influence that hurts people though the minds that have made them are long gone. They may sometimes manifest as ghosts.

Thoughts have a huge control over the matter that composes your brain and body. So they can control other matter too.

Suppose somebody through brain damage has lost all power to reason and to think and doesn't remember anything at all - not even what happened a half-second ago. That person is still able to get an image in their mind. The images we look at are seen by our minds like thoughts are. The image they see will be orderly and conform to reality. Their mind is able to organise the data received. In other words, there is still intelligence there. The mind may use the brain but the mind and the brain are separate entities. The mind can live beyond physical death.

Mind is stronger than matter. Mind rules.

Thoughts might seem to be spirits but we do not really understand them. We only have them and see them. Looking at something green does not in itself tell you what it is made of. You need the lab and you cannot send thoughts to a lab for dissection and investigation. We are only guessing that thoughts are spirit. We cannot believe it for all we can do is guess. Guessing is not believing but is a sign that you want to take a stand for you cannot believe.

If our thoughts are matter, it does not follow that our minds can control other forms of matter the same way.

If you try to make a pencil write without touching it and try to use thought power to make it write, nothing will happen. What you do then is rationalise. You decide that the power did take effect but the effect was too small to make the pencil write. There is nothing scientific about rationalisation. It is trying to trick yourself.

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