Is dumping your obligations and responsibilities and fears on God the way to get a sense of life's meaning?

If you don't take responsibility for what you do, see what you do as coming from you and being created by you and which would not happen without you, you are giving control to others.  Some of us give that control to God or a perceived God to be accurate. Creation clearly says that God creates our choices so they are really his.  We may have an explanation for why faith in God leads to such much violence.


Believers love to say that their commands and rules came from God not them.  And predictably there is no decent evidence presented by them in support of what they say.  They are fond of giving commands but have no desire to give you the evidence. 

If you do not believe in morality or just want it when it suits you, you could and will give the responsibility for moral determination to God.  Why?  Because you are trying to convince yourself.  Because you don’t really like it and don’t want the responsibility.  This is disgusting and conniving.  It contradicts the very morality you preach.  You will soon find that when people need you you will tell yourself, "Keep out of it for getting involved or trying to makes you assume responsibility."

The believers who talk most about how their faith gives them meaning in life are not saving every penny for the poor and feeding their abandoned neighbours.
Their talk is best understood as a boast, "I am great and I have found my purpose in the universe and lived up to it." That arrogance leads one to wonder if getting meaning in life from God and religion is only possible if you get rid of the burden of responsibility for evil and the suffering of others.
God by definition is that which alone ultimately matters. If you believe in God, then you by definition as a believer in God deny responsibility for your judgments about good and evil or your moral judgements. If we are all sinners, we like to deny responsibility until we repent. So denial is a symptom of sin. Even if God is perfect goodness, that does not stop us giving him the responsibility for judging because we don't want to be good. Confused? You can do anything that is good with the wrong motive. In fact if we are sinners, it is reasonable to assume that believers are doing just that! And as believers cannot see into God's mind, they are really just worshipping what they think God is like. That is another reason for holding that their devotion is not as godly as it looks.
To say God exists is to say that we must know him to know what good and evil are. For if we can know them without him then that is what is important and not knowing him. Our wish for meaning in life is linked to our wish to know good and how to be good. We can be good without God. Thus God is not needed for meaning in life. Indeed we cannot have moral responsibilities unless we reject belief in him or ignore him which amounts to the same thing. If God is not goodness itself and if goodness is independent of God and all that then it is irresponsible to treat God as if he is the creator of goodness. Instinctively we feel there is something terribly wrong about saying that goodness cannot be true if there is no God so it is also irresponsible in the sense that it is a lie to say God and goodness are one and the same.
Religion claims that life is no good without faith in God and a relationship with him. This is a denial that your life has any objective value or worth. To get those, you need to hope that there is a God to impose this value and worth on your life. Religion demands two things of you. That you regard your life as worthless trash no matter how much good you do unless there is a God to give it value. This is exactly the same as giving yourself cancer and doing operations on yourself to remove it. It is sick. It implies that morality is not about harm. If you should harm yourself if there is no God then harm is not really wrong. Surely if there is a God he cannot make it right either! And if you think harm is only bad for God says so then that is going to make you do harm just for the sake of rebelling and not being told what to do. 
And it implies that if you sin, then you declare that God is not God to you for you declare yourself independent of him. Thus you are asking to be treated as worthless even if you are not. You are trying to make yourself worthless for if God is not God to you that is no different from there being no God for you.

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