"Meaning of Life" does not mean what it says and it is about the meaning of EVIL! 

Does being happy mean as much to people as being healthy?  What if one had to be sacrificed for the other?

Does being loved matter as much to people as loving?  What if one had to be sacrificed for the other?

Does depression scare people more than physical pain? What if one had to be sacrificed for the other?

Does being alive and suffering and depressed mean more to you than dying?  What if one had to be sacrificed for the other?

It is clear that we do not need meaning for happiness and health as much as we need it for these in the following order of importance:






Talk of the meaning of life is really talk about how to make bad things more acceptable.

People would do anything to get out of it when others tell them how bad they are.  They would deny murder if they could or try to make an excuse if they had to admit that they killed.  It only makes it worse.   If people make such ridiculous sacrifices for a good reputation just so that others can think well of them imagine what they would do to look good in the eyes of God.  And they do.  Even Adam and Eve according to the Bible would not admit to sinning though they knew God knew they did.  They tried to lie to God.

Christians try to give meaning to evil.

Do they value giving meaning to evil or evil really having meaning?  What if one had to be sacrificed for the other?

There is no reason to believe that anybody cares that if evil has meaning that they care about the meaning it has rather than the meaning they want it to have.

Do those who talk about the meaning of life really mean they want the evil and suffering they will face to have meaning?  Yes but that as we see involves blaming those who see suffering as useless for the pain this realisation causes and involves condoning the evil that happens to others.  It is selfish for suffering is not just about you.

Human nature will try to give meaning to evil and thus approach it armed with a placebo.

They never try to give evidence or proof that evil really has value and evil by definition is that which is no good.  That is additional evidence that they are indeed trying to impose their idea of meaning on evil.  That is degrading to those who suffer.  To condone or be in any way flippant to one person's suffering is to condone all.

The meaning of evil is stuck at the core of the problem of and with war.  War is always the biggest threat and biggest problem imaginable. People don’t need religion to confer meaning on war but religion gives them a new way to do it.   People confer meaning on war and participation in it.

The meaning of life is really about the meaning of evil - religion and people of faith always seek their opium.  To give evil meaning is to turn it into a form of good.

The sense that your suffering has a purpose is really a misperception. We are confusing this-too-shall-pass with a purpose. We try to heal the memory of the terrible suffering and how inexcusable it was by telling ourselves that we are so important that we had to be tragically hurt in order to bring about some wonderful good.  We want to feel we are bigger than the suffering.  Feeling that is okay if we are indeed bigger but there is a chance we might not be.  And what right to I have to condone the suffering of those who suffer with me like that?  What right do I have to turn my or anybody's suffering as evidence of my indispensability? 

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