Laws can be made by agents or merely discovered by them.  Science claims not to make laws but to find them.  Mathematics is one thing that forces itself on everybody.  You cannot avoid having to live with it.  You are inherently calculating even if you do it wrongly.  Wrong maths is still maths. 

Science uses mathematics to implement and explain its findings.  By testing, science finds that we don't need to just assume mathematics the findings of science always verify mathematics and whatever it is that science is looking into. For example, when science tests to see if cats can reproduce puppies it finds out that 1 is 1, a mathematical principle, is true.  Every finding is dual.  To find the answer to one maths question is to call all the other answers wrong.  There are endless nos implied by every yes.

Mathematical proofs can show that x does not exist by showing x is mathematically impossible. But they cannot show that x exists.

Mathematics shows us that there is no such thing as one human being who is also a dog. 1 is 1 means a tree is not a brick. Mathematics cannot show that there is no such being as a creature who has a man’s body and an animals head like a Minotaur. Mathematics by definition is against magic – a Minotaur who got his head though a spell is a mathematical impossibility.  Even if that spell is attributed to God the creator of all it is still an impossibility.

That aside, God surely should be able to set up mathematics or the universe in a way that the mathematics shows he exists! He could be a mathematical proof or a probability.

Religion says that if you say science is against God or religion or shows they have nothing to teach us that is not science but scientism.  So it assumes it has the right to tell science what to stand for and permit!  It is a vicious circle, science means God is allowed for, so if science says God is not allowed for it is not science.  It is scientism.  This is just playing with words. It is said to mean that you think there is no mystery out there and only care about what you have verified in experiments.  This is not true for every scientist knows there is mystery that needs uncovering.

It is obvious that hearsay things such as God and miracle doing Jesuses cannot be as important as what is tested in a lab.

We see now that our so-called scientism is not just scientism but "mathematicianism".  That's two threats to faith and theism not one! 

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