Materialism is Spiritual!


Why don’t we believe that people should prize heaven and spiritual blessings rather than material things?

Unless you enjoy material things how can you even want a heaven?

What happens is when we get enjoyment from material things, the pleasure soon goes away and we get tired of it and go in search of new blessings. We could end up rich and popular and beautiful and feel dissatisfied.


It is said we should attach ourselves to God for God lasts forever and material things change and pass away and only bring disappointment. But this is using a belief, God, as a crutch. Beliefs come and beliefs go. This crutch can break. The thought that God might want us to be attached to him forever in heaven is a guess. If God is love, then maybe God needs us to rise and fall forever like we do now. Love involves risk and vulnerability.


Wanting to be with God forever is really no different from wanting riches and holidays forever. It is still wanting something and the fulfilment it offers. If we were good we would want to love and suffer for others for all eternity.


Psychiatry and psychology deal with processes and disorders that cannot be detected.  You have to depend on the testimony of the client.  In that, they are like religion and spirituality.  The only difference is that with drugs and therapy and counselling you have some way of testing if you can help the client.  With religion and spirituality there is no way to assess.  One religious view is as convincing as an opposite religious view.  One spiritual view is as convincing as an opposite spiritual view.  Psychiatry and psychology clearly care enough about the client to be reasonably sure their methods work.  Religion and spirituality do not really care.


Like religion and spirituality, psychiatry and psychology are about a core belief that is about matters that are unseen and unknown.  That is the most important defining trait they have.  That is why religion and spirituality are able to venture into the realms of psychiatry and psychology.  They have no right to.  They know that there is a difference between the unknown in psychiatry and psychology and their unknown.  They lie that they don't interfere but they do.  They disguise their manipulations and transgressions as spiritual.  They take credit as religions or spiritual systems for what the psychiatry and psychology they have stolen does.

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