Marxism is another persecuting "religion" or pseudo-faith

Karl Marx was of Jewish blood.  He was raised Lutheran.  Luther was notorious for spreading anti-semitist bile which came from his time period and the Catholic culture he was raised in.  It came from his Bible reading.  The renewal of Bible reading fueled religious hate for how the Jews had supposedly mistreated Jesus Christ.  Jesus was made out to be so special though an unbiased reading of the New Testament shows he was not.  Marx spoke of the Jews in the religious way a person might speak of evil spirits, "In the final analysis, the emancipation of the Jews is the emancipation of mankind from Judaism."

If religion is bad it does not follow that a pseudo-religion, a copycat, cannot be equally bad.  If porn is bad then fake porn as in cartoons is bad too.

Atheism is supposed to be evil and dangerous and universally when that is said people are thinking of Marxism when it gets a hold of the country.

But atheism is bad if it absorbs and practices religious traits of a certain type.  This is an abuse of atheism.  It speaks of the power of religious evil when it can corrupt even atheism and degrade the majesty of atheism.

Concerning Karl Marx, “The power of Marxism cannot be explained solely by [his] theories; for these were at least partly limited by his nineteenth-century experience, and they have been superseded by the considerable development of the social sciences. The power of Marxism must be located to a considerable degree in its religious impulse - Marx, like Jesus, provides a response to man’s existential situation. He offers a set of normative ideals and prescriptions for how we shall live and in what direction we should work; and his message has been transformed by his disciples into a new faith … . As mankind discards one religion, long since debunked and intellectually untenable, it seems all too prone to cleave to another, more sophisticated and subtle, yet clothed with a religious mantle” from Paul Kurtz, “The Religion of Marxism,” Free Inquiry, Volume 3, No. 2 – Spring 1983.

In Marxist dialectic, contradictions seem to be ignored or even encouraged. They are seen to have enough benefits to justify not weeding them out or trying to be consistent. The danger with this is that they make the cause unstable and lead to infighting. It only makes sense if you want short-term benefits. Or if you think you can use violence and revolution and force to keep the benefits in operation so that they don’t slip away. It is obvious then that Christianity in particular with its absurdities and contradictions is no better. Contradiction is a marker for ideology and no ideology loves you though it says it does.  Marxists like religious supernaturalists want you to believe absurd magic stuff and live such stuff for it makes them feel they have overcome you.  People believing rubbish and dangerous rubbish because of you or your organisation is them letting you or the organisation control them.  Power is not power unless it can arrest people's hearts and minds.

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