Martin Luther King Junior said, "The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy, instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it."

That seems to encapsulate what a true man of peace would say. You can imagine Jesus saying it.  Jesus said that those who use the sword will perish by it.

But look closely. Take a violent group. Do we leave it alone for it will come apart anyway and the members will eat each other alive? We will attack it and deconstruct it and thus show that we do not really agree with King.

For King to say evil festers so well and grows like mushrooms is clearly to encourage the so called good to take harsher measures than the evidence allows against the wicked. So if you verify that there is level 6 of evil there you know it is actually worse though you cannot prove it right now so you treat them as if they were level 10. You do that in the name of self-defence.  You can see you need no proof for it is known that evil is only showing you part of its face.  Evil cannot do evil any other way, it needs a reasonable disguise.

And notice how the King quote risks seeing the bad person as the cause of all the terrible things that happen to her or him but bad people are and can be victims too!! It is very judgemental. A mean spirit wants people to bring on themselves the bad things they deserve. It is people's favourite type of justice.

Paradoxically and alarmingly it says, "The violent person is only trying to get rid of evil and bad." It blames bad things not human nature for violence!  What King means is that he decides what evils should be attacked by violence and you are that kind of person who is well meaning if you take violent action.  Those who can be dismissed as bringing harm on themselves seem to be those whose actions King does not condone.  It is nasty, hypocritical and selective.  It is actually an oblique invitation of violence not against the violent but against the violent collectives/individuals who King assess as being in the wrong.

To blame evil and bad for what the violent person does not and to avoid bias and prejudice like King is to say that the Stalins of this world are just good men who are misunderstood! The quote is such rubbish that it is obvious the only way to curtail violence is to bring people together more and dropping out of 'us and not them' schemes such as religion.

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