Marriage is a bad idea because:

Marriage infers that divorce is wrong and invalid. This is because marriage makes the man and his wife closer to each other in family bonds. The woman is closer to her husband than his own biological mother. You can’t really divorce your mother though some try. She is still your mother so your wife is still your wife after the divorce. Marriage is cruel for it denies that we are only human and deserve a second chance. You are more likely to work at a marriage because it ties you to your partner than because you really want to. That is its purpose, to stop you doing what makes you happiest and fear should be the only thing it is good for producing. Marriage is to be banned and replaced. Marriage is anti-women for this lifelong bond is intended to give women less power to fight off rape and abuse within marriage.

Marriage is a relationship protected by law. Often the law never really protects it. But marriage is a declaration in principle that it should be protected meaning that if somebody falls out of love or cheats he or she must be punished suitably. Marriage is therefore not in itself an act of genuine respect for trust or relationships.


If you really loved your partner you would not marry her when such a huge number of marriages break up and when a higher pile of marriages only look like marriages but are not for the couples keep up appearances.

If you really loved your partner you would not give her half of what you have just because she consumed the marriage by having sex with you once. That is making a prostitute of her and yourself though the rule is that a marriage is not real unless sex takes place.

If you really loved your partner you would not be trying to prevent her from being happier with somebody else by trying to tie her down to you.

If you really loved your partner you would not be tying her to you for life because of one act of sex to consume or validate the marriage.

If you really loved your partner and marriage is about having a family it follows then that she does wrong if she leaves you because you have had a few meaningless one-night-stands. The children come first.

Marriage insults people who prefer to live together outside of marriage. It implies their lives are not ideal or even immoral. Don’t say that marriage is right for you but not for everybody for when you see marriage as the perfect act of love you are denying that.

If you are really committed then what do you need the permission of the Church and state to have sex and children for? It is none of their business and you are letting yourself be treated like a child. You are looking for their permission because if you are committed you are committed and don’t need marriage. To get married for a day out or to please your parents is getting married for the wrong reason – it has to be for the permission.

How could you mean your vows when you know you could meet somebody you will love more? There is nothing that can make you hate your partner as much as being tied to her or him when that happens.

When you marry a person who you know may not show their real colours until after the wedding it follows that when you took a risk like this and if the vows bind you together validly then it is clear that nothing justifies divorce or separation. If it is right to risk your health and happiness for somebody that will definitely be only putting their best foot forward then it cannot be right to divorce them. If your partner aged forty years overnight just before the wedding you would soon do a runner. Marital love is not holy – it is just another superficial farce.

We do not get married because of love because love is enjoying being kind to another person so marriage is a sanctimonious sham. When we do good we do it to gratify our feelings and not because it is the best thing to do even if it is. A good person is just the person with the best habits. Love in the sense of caring for another person because it is right does not exist therefore marriage does not exist for it is an artificial union.

Traditionally, man is the head of woman in marriage. The Bible God teaches this and the Church in its inability to be sincere usually hides it. Even if this model is rejected, the woman will still be manipulated by the man. Society makes men the stronger, the holders of all the winning cards. Men commit more crimes and acts of violence than women. Their testosterone composition makes them dangerous. There is more to be afraid of with a man than a woman. Marriage is degrading to women for it ties them to men who may harm them.

Marriage is a religious superstition that should be afforded no protection by the state for religious speculation and the workings of the state must be kept separate and religion is bad news anyway. The state can’t bind a man to a woman for there is no reason why they should not part when they get tired of each other for it is only human decrees that they are defying. Ending a marriage through divorce or separation is legal which proves the point. Only a God then who regards you as his property can make marriage binding – the trouble with God is that there is no evidence that he has spoken so the rules that supposedly come from him are really just human rules. Whoever serves God is really just serving man and not God. If the state law tries to protect marriage then it has to punish those who break up marriages and who cheat because a law that carries no penalty is no law at all. If marriage is so important then the punishment has to be severe. Marriage is fascist for it opposes human rights and wants to punish those who disregard its restrictions.

Many countries and states are under pressure from religion to strictly define marriage as the legal and consummated union of one man and one woman. This not only forbids gay marriage but the legal recognition of gay marriages that have been sanctioned and recognised in other nations. This is discrimination. Two women for example who love one another more than most heterosexual couplings do are discriminated against. Better to stop the state recognising any marriage as providing marriage for some and not all.

Religion goes on about the cohabitation effect. This is the notion that if a couple live together unmarried and then marry that their marriage has a higher chance of failure. Cohabitation is claimed to have a damaging effect on marriage. Could it be that cohabitation for many is not about being really with the other person but trying to be? If they have commitment issues then marriage will only make it worse not better. It is marriage that is the problem not the cohabitation as such. One would expect marriage to help the couple resist the cohabitation effect if marriage were really the sacrament that the Catholic Church pretends it is.

No marriage can be valid for there is too much pretence. The vows are only taken by people who imagine they mean them.

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