Catholicism manipulates its members

Catholicism says that it is the one true faith community. It claims to be the only united, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church. It says that if you suspect/believe/know your religion is wrong and Catholicism is right then you will go to Hell forever unless you join her. Outside the Church there is no salvation. The reason you will be damned is because by staying outside of the Church you are complicit in error or sin or both. You are saying you are okay with error or sin or both. The only excuse is if you are forced to stay out of the Church by dangerous psycho relatives or whatever. So if you are complicit and indirectly responsible for error or sin by refusing to join Catholicism, then it follows that if you are Catholic and you find out that the Church is not the religion set up by God to alone teach authorised doctrine and truth and stay in it you are guilty of grave evil. Religion encourages society to imagine it is not complicit in evil when it fails to divorce itself from that evil or any implied and wilful tolerance of it. It does that for its own ends. It is no wonder that people who let others look at child porn tell themselves they are not part of the evil of child porn. They make a market for it merely by standing by and thereby permitting the evil. In the same way, the Catholic who won't dump the Church though free to do so, is to blame for the problems caused by and the lies told by the Church.

Christianity needs to be a real divine revelation - if it is man-made then it is seriously evil no matter how good it might make somebody feel.

Man has no right to say there is a God and make excuses for why that God allows evil. It is different if God communicates his existence.

Man has no right to say that sins such as idolatry and adultery and abortion etc are grave evils on his own authority. It is different if God says they are wrong.

Man has no right to say babies have sin or that unrepentant grave sinners will suffer for their sin forever in Hell. That would be a terrible doctrine if it is untrue or if it is based only on what humans say.

We could go on and on.

If we enable the lies and errors of religion and hide them from exposure, we are as guilty as the religious fraudsters are. No we are worse for we pave the way for them to be worse than they are or worse than we may ever realise they are.

A test of membership in Catholicism is: "Is what I say or truly believe agreeable with Church teaching?" Unless there is a bit of faith in the Church, you cannot really belong to it. Without faith your belonging is superficial. Do you really belong to your family if you think that family is there to spoil you and wait on you hand and foot?

Most Catholics are not Catholic believers but cherry-pickers. They make excuses for why they accept one Church teaching as being from God and not another though the Church is based on the the idea that God has instructed it on what to believe. They may even go as far as to think it is okay to disagree with what God has revealed through the Church and insist that he has more important things to be concerned about than precision about beliefs. Some cherry-picking Catholics point to the Church teaching that conscience is primary. The Church agrees but warns that if a dissenter follows her conscience and chooses against the Church this is an error to be corrected and not something to be encouraged. The Church is to help her see the light. The dissenter may be free from sin but that does not mean she speaks or stands for the Catholic Church in the decision she has made.

The Church claims to be a hospital for sinners and that everybody is a missionary and a worker in the hospital. A hospital for sinners has to diagnose sin as if it were a cancer and the person has to be helped and advised to give it up. The sin is not to be tolerated in the same way that cancer is intolerable. The Roman Church then is intolerant of sin by default. If Catholics tolerate sin it is because they are suffering from the sin of timidity. In principle, they stand for intolerance of sin. It is what the religion stands for in principle that must be considered first and foremost when you are deciding whether to stay in or leave your religion. If you stay while considering the evil principles to be part of the faith and unchangeable then you are far worse than the members of the faith that support the evil ignorantly. The danger with the intolerance of sin is that it demands that people be pressured to attend Mass on Sunday and avoid masturbation. Many of the things considered to be civil liberties are banned by the Church and morally judged as sins.

Those who disagree with the Church on serious matters might stay in it because their sins and heresies are tolerated. Should they feel welcome? No for tolerance is a mask for disdain. It implies that it is a pity the person has to be tolerated. The Catholics who refuse to even politely challenge their sins and heresies are not acting as Catholics. To encourage their Catholicism in any way by example is asking for intolerance for your sins.

Atheism too can take on the form of being a hospital for those who err and want religion and God. But it does not believe in sin so its role is to help people in their personal development as opposed to their moral development.

It is seen as tolerant today to say there are many religious paths to God and spiritual contentment. Some Catholics say their religion is not the only way to God or to spiritual contentment but their religion is the right way for them. But this is not tolerant of Catholicism as it truly is. The Catholic Church teaches that it is not an item on a religion menu but the religions all are obligated to disband and join for it is the only religion that worships God correctly. The Church is nice to them in the hope of helping them to see they have an obligation.

Catholicism should believe that birth control is evil - it is part of its identity as a religion. Catholicism can't be the true religion if it is wrong about how sinful birth control is. But people should separate from it so that there will be no Catholicism left to believe it. If you belong to or claim to belong to a religion that should believe evil things, then even if it doesn't, you are being evil and supporting evil. A religion that doesn't understand or admit or see how evil it is meant to be is a religion that is being praised for going against itself. It is no compliment to praise it for you are praising ignorance and disobedience. Separate from it.

Many stay in the Church for they are influenced by the idea that sincerity matters and not truth. If you err even with the best of intentions you still do harm. You harm your power to perceive the truth every time you err. You harm yourself though you feel no pain. You harm others by giving an example of error to them. To err is to take the side of error even if you never get the chance to express and live out your error. If somebody is wrong but sincere we can praise them for the sincerity but not for being wrong.

The view that if somebody has harmful religious beliefs that it is none of our business as long as they are sincere is wrong. If it would be our business if they were insincere then the fact that they are sincere makes them more dangerous. It is even more our business then! At least if they are insincere they know they are wrong and on the side of wrong. The whole point of it being our business is stopping the harm. It is not about interfering with their intentions as intentions for we can't change anybody's intentions for them. Belief in God endangers morality. If you suppose that the belief has no relevance to morality then it follows that emphasising God like religionists do is bad. The more you emphasise, the worse it is.

It is our business if they live their lives as if God gave them their beliefs when he didn't or couldn't have. They are not islands - their lives affect them and affect us.

Many of those who say religion leads to wars actually mean Christianity and Judaism and Islam do that. Each one of the trio claims to be exclusively God's people and to have his only true creed. Being part of those faiths is not a thing that ought to be taken for granted. It is serious business if not for us then for people of the future.

A religion is not a community but a theological system that forms a community. To say otherwise is to imply that your wider community is not a community at all for it is comprised of people of different faiths and non-faiths.

Liberals do not believe in respecting their religions teaching in full. Yet they have the hypocrisy to advocate respect for religion.

Cherry-picking is a scientific sin. You cannot say God wrote the entire Bible and then reject any command he gave because you don't like it. You believe the Bible is God's word or you do not.

Catholicism has lied to its flock. It has distorted evidence that it is the true religion. It makes dangerous claims such as that it is better to expose yourself to AIDS than to wear a condom. It conditions people who have sex outside marriage to feel they are severely damaged because if such sex is harmless or can be harmless the Church has a problem explaining how it can be sinful! It expects people to take the word of men, the apostles and bishops, that those who die in serious sin will be damned forever. The Church accuses those people of deserving all that because men ask it to. It has raped and abused children and been an oppressive force in society when it was powerful enough. Yet many Catholics send their children to its schools to have them conditioned as they once were. Yet many Catholics have their children baptised into Church membership. Yet many Catholics stay in the Church. The question is, what does it take to make them consider quitting Catholicism or to quit Catholicism? Why do they not look for a kinder and better religion? A religion that claims to be holy as Catholicism should be the best religion. The sinfulness of the Church is worse than that of any other faith. The Church exaggerates the seriousness of sin. It follows that if you exaggerate the badness of sin you intend to be worse than the next person even if both of you do equal damage.

To stay in the Catholic Church because you like the people is really saying that Lutherans or Anglicans or whatever don't have members who are equally nice and good.

There are members of the Catholic Church who act as if nothing at all can put them off practicing their faith. They still pay money to the Church and justify its existence by attending Mass no matter how much the Church lies to them, abuses them or innocent people or how unpopular Catholicism is. They even try to turn their babies into Catholics. Fundamentalism is simply supporting a religion no matter what. That is extremism. Extremism that leads religionists to be so stubborn is the same attitude that leads religionists to kill heretics or pagans.

Religion encourages the notion of dogma - refusing to change one's mind in the face of the evidence that one should. Human nature being stubborn makes it inevitable that some people will do that. But as many if not more will. Indeed, if most religionists were that obstinate the paganism that enchanted the whole world would still be as strong. And a person might only act obstinate because they are in denial that they have already changed their minds. The perception that religious people will not change their minds is really a form of sectarianism - it is pre-judging them. Speak to the religious person instead of assuming they will not change. Dedicated Catholics have become Jehovah's Witnesses so people do change.

It must be assumed that as most people would want the right to be able to make informed decisions that all would want it. People would agree with, “It is better to know the truth and have to painfully deal with it than to be deluded and happy.” Do not be afraid to help a person challenge their own religious beliefs.

The Roman Catholic Church as a faith has deceived the people and especially the poorest and most vulnerable members of society. There is no such thing as a good Catholic. No. What is called a good Catholic is a good human being who has the Catholic label. The point is that it is people who are good - not religions. It is people who make up charities that look after the poor not charities. Same principle!

Love the sinner and hate the sin means that you must judge the sin not the sinner. That is lying that the sin is not the sinner. You sin because you are a sinner and you are not a sinner because you sin. Your outwardly bad and deliberate acts only show the kind of person you are. To hate the sin is to hate the sinner for sin by definition describes a person's sinfulness. Yet the lie that the sin is separate from the sinner is the foundation of religion and its manipulative charm. It is an insult to the person you hurt for people to tell you that you are perfect for you are not your sins. One thing is for sure, when an organisation or religion is based on hypocrisy such as loving sinners and hating sins there should be no need for that religion. Hypocrisy by definition is not needed. Anything that has no right to exist has no right to be the cause of fighting and bigotry even if it says it forbids those things. Anything there is no need for should disband if people fight and hate over it. Systems of bad example are to blame for all the evil their members do over them even if they do not tell them to do it.

People who are charmed by the Church's offer of forgiveness forget that the Church has to judge them as people who have done evil and who should be punished before it can forgive. Forgiving and judging go together.

Some say the Catholic Church should be ditched because it is a hate organisation. It is indeed a hate organisation but because its flock are apathetic or cherry-pickers who want religion to suit them it cannot implement or show the full force of that hate. Do not say then, "Many Catholics are reasonable, liberal and decent people thus it is a mistake to label the Church as a hate organisation." They may be Catholic but it does not follow that everything they do and say is Catholic.

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