The Catholic publishing company TAN, published an extraordinary book on Catholic forecasts of the future. Written by Yves Dupont, the book is called Catholic Prophecy, the Coming Chastisement (Illinois, 1973).

The Dupont book discusses the famous prophecies of St Malachy and Columbkille,
Page 19, St Malachy from the twelfth century predicted all the popes by giving mottos for each one that are so short that each one could describe any pope at all. Crux de Cruce, Cross from a Cross, is Pius XI who had to carry the cross of the Italian Revolution which was helped by the Savoys who had a cross on their coat of arms. But Pius fought for the declaration of papal infallibility and won so we would expect the motto to be, The One that Errs Not, or something to that effect for that was the main thing he did. And to say his cross was figurative means that any meaning at all can be forced on the motto. Pope John Paul II’s cross is to keep the Church conservative. Malachi must have had a literal cross in mind.

St Pius X was Ignis Ardens, The Burning Fire. This fire is supposed to be World War I. If he had been alive when the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki you know what the interpretation would have been. Or if it had been during the great fire of London. But some say the fire was the symbolic fire of his zeal. Many popes fit the bill. If Malachy or whoever invented the prophecies were true prophets they would have done better than that.

Pastor et Nauta or Shepherd and Sailor was John XXIII who hailed from Venice, the city of sailors. But he was never a sailor and not much of a shepherd when he inaugurated Vatican II which wreaked havoc in the Church by means of not being a dogmatic or infallible Council but a “pastoral” one and brought in looseness that has shook the Church to its foundation resulting in large-scale apostasy and many schisms. Dupont wrote that Vatican II tried to avoid doctrine but it was unavoidable so, “Vatican II got out of the difficulty by compromise and ambiguities” (page 42). Here it is being accused of fraud and hatred towards the faith. The motto is unlikely to call a man a sailor just because he was from a sailor town. Inaccuracy in a prophecy is a vice.

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