Why saying, "God is good for he makes good never evil" is illogical


Religion says God is good and is not in any way evil.  God making good not evil is not enough to get him off the hook because these questions arise:-

A bad God could make good and hope it will turn into evil. It is really intention not results that make God bad or good.  Believers should say that God could be bad or good and admit they do not know.


The way they care about results not the intention and they way they cannot not care is telling.  They are using God to get the hope that good overcomes evil.  It is not about caring about God but about using him.  It is no wonder belief in God has led to so much war when it is has a hidden mercenary DNA.

A God who does not care about his creatures could make good. A psychopath can still make you a good coffee.  They are just guessing not believing that God is good.


What is the use of making good not evil when a good life is not just evil not being there? A good life is more than that. It is more important for it to be growth in good.


Evil whatever its cause or even if it is not real is still that which by definition a person or God or good can have nothing AT ALL to do with.


If evil is not from God it is up to it to “tell” you what it is. The experience of evil alone has the right to teach you. Religion does not. God does not.  The Bible does not. It is a personal matter.


The default view indeed the main one or the essential one is that evil is intolerable and vile and wholly useless.


If God does not create evil then evil creates evil. Evil can appear then but the evil that follows in its wake is created by it. Evil breeds, that is creates, evil.


Psalm 73 is a song from a man who suffers unjustly and who has no sins to deserve any punishment.  Atheists agree too that some people should not suffer for they do not deserve it.  What about little children?  Are we saying that if there is a God he should punish bad people and let only good things come to the just?  No.  Letting bad things happen to the unjust and the deserving

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