Occultists say that they cannot change the way nature works. If you have a nose like a potato, magic will not turn it into a nice slender nose with white soft skin. You will not be able to become a metamorph.

This doctrine of the concord between magic and natural law is part of the Law of Balance in the Church of Satan which counsels warlocks and witches to work only for what has a fairly good chance of happening naturally. Witches on TV tell you that they cannot make you look like a screen goddess or an Adonis with an invocation or potion but they can make you feel better about yourself.

But if magic works, miracle changes can be done and should be happening all the time.

If magic can help cure cancer then why can’t it make the nose take some painless disease or a disease with a pain that you can bear or control by injections that takes the excess cartilage off and leaves a nice perfect nose behind? Why can’t it make Mother Nature into a first-class cosmetic surgeon?

Nature changes the structure of things and atoms all the time. What was a living cell today will be something else tomorrow. So magic should be able to turn princes into frogs and vampires into bats. This is not against nature if you summon the forces of change in nature.

But perhaps the reason a person cannot change their nose or turn princes into frogs is because that would be an irrational spell? It would be better and easier to cast spells to make you happy and confident in spite of your nose and to disfigure the princes some usual way. Many would argue from this that it would follow that to try and kill a person through magic would be nonsensical for only a spell to make him or her lovable would work. From this, it would follow that most magic is irrational for instead of asking for money or friends you should just ask for happiness and live the simple life that makes it easy. Why ask to be happy when you have to be happy to cause the magic to work? It cannot work if it is unnecessary and therefore irrational. Magic requires picturing the event you desire to happen and rejoicing in it. We have proved that even if magic exists it must be a latent power and can’t be used.

The Church of Satan says that it takes as much power to make a cup float in mid-air to influence the thoughts of people far far away (page 121). Perhaps to offset people testing the power of the Satanist by asking him or her to levitate a cup he complains that even then people would still assume that it is a trick. Thought they could influence minds? If that power exists why can’t we change our tiny DNA in our cells so that ageing will be halted forever? It would be easier to alter the DNA in your finger than to levitate a cup. It is also more desirable and desire is one of the ingredients of magic. You only need to do a few cells and they will slowly replace the dying ones so that you gradually become an immortal. Doing the stem cells which can be worked on to cause regeneration would be the best idea.

If you can lift a cup by magic you can change nature.

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