Magic believers would agree with,

"It has been believed by most of the people who ever lived that by prayer or doing magic they could cause wishes to come true. They invoked unknown and unseen powers that worked with nature to bring about the changes they willed or wanted to happen.

Many of them used prayer (that is, attempted spells disguised as something unmagical) to do their will.

Many of them used rituals to do their will such as casting circles and making potions and chanting.

Many of them used meditation or visualisation to make their intentions come true.

Even if this have some power to work, only one thing really works. What really does work is love. The more you love, the more good fortune you bring into your life. The more you benefit others.

Magic is love. Love is magic. Love never goes to waste. Psychic energy is generated by love. It is love. Mistakes happen because we misperceive what love is. But psychic energy is love. Belief in any other kind of magic besides love is a denial that love is the best and so it is an undesirable belief. It is better to believe this most sacred doctrine than to not believe it. Believing it means that even if we are wrong we have still loved and brought joy to others because of our faith and nothing can take that away.

Our faith in magic is faith in the power of love to bring the whole universe together in one communion of love.

Magic is the heartbeat of love."If love is all you need, what are you doing magic for?

If magic is love, and love is magic. does it really matter if we know if love has occult powers or not? Believers usually claim that even the most outrageous sceptics are exercising magic. So the answer is no. They even go as far as to say that when a real psychic is tested in the laboratory, the sceptics there are ruining the results with their magic. They are sending magical energy that makes the psychic unable to pass the test. With such a standard, it is impossible to know if anybody is a fake or not! The standard is obviously rubbish and an attempt to enable deception to happen more easily. It enables the charlatans.

Love is nothing mystical - it is just a willingness to see others do well. Anything else is superstition. To love properly you have to define love properly. You have to know what it is in principle even if it is a struggle to apply it in life and to different situations.

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