Jack the Magical Ripper - an occult connection?

In 1888, the most infamous murders of all time took place in London’s East End. Five prostitutes, destitute women who knew of no other way to survive, were slaughtered and/or mutilated by a supposedly unknown killer who bears the nickname Jack the Ripper.

The identity of the killer is controversial and many believe the right man will never be named.

The best judges are those who may have had knowledge that has been lost to us.

Assistant Chief Constable Macnaghten, Sir Robert Anderson and Chief Inspector Donald Swanson certainly claimed to be in that position! They did not think of the following suspect!

The black magician Roslyn D’Onston Stephenson has been accused of being the killer.

The evidence is circumstantial. Bible

He became a target for suspicion for writing about the murders as if he was giving away information only he could know.

He wrote that the police missed a dot in the Goulston Street chalked message written by the Ripper. They took it down that the Ripper spelled Jews as Juwes.

"Therefore we place a dot above the third upstroke in the word Juwes, and we find it to be Juives, which is the French word for Jews. Strictly Juives and grammatically speaking, of course, it is the feminine form of Juifs and means `Jewesses.' But in practice it will be found that (French-men being notoriously the worst linguists in the world) most Frenchmen who are not either litterateurs or men of science are very inaccurate as to their genders. And almost all the ouvrier and a large majority of the bourgeois class use the feminine where the word should be masculine. Even the Emperor Napoleon III was a great sinner in this respect, as his voluminous correspondence amply shows."

A Ripper who "knew" French is very unlikely.

Seven dirty ties were allegedly found in his room hidden in a box like they were trophies. He had claimed that the killer took away body parts from the victims tucked in behind his tie. Vittoria Cremers said she examined two ties and found stains in the back of them like something had congealed. She said she examined the others and didn’t recall how many and the same stain was found on the back of them. So she must have examined at least four ties.

This does not match the numbers.

Body parts were taken from Annie Chapman and Catherine Eddowes. The killer wrapped up Eddowes parts in a piece of her apron so the tie scenario is unlikely. The evidence if Kelly's heart was missing is unclear.

He didn’t mutilate Stride so how could he have a bloodstained tie to keep?

Stephenson said there were five Ripper victims many say is correct. Though it is questioned now everybody was once sure it was only five.

Suppose he was right. It is possible he knew the Ripper. He claimed that he knew the Ripper. But he said a lot of things that were not true. If he was the Ripper and wanted to boast of his crimes by writing to the police and the papers as many believe but without giving away too much then why didn’t he leave a confession behind him? He could have done this the time he vanished.

He said there were six victims which he gets by including a mutilated torso which was not part of the Ripper's work and eliminating Mary Kelly as a victim. "The last murder,-committed indoors, - was most probably not committed by the fiend of whom we speak".

Some suspect he was the killer for he had suggested the idea that nobody else had thought of again until recently that the Ripper performed the killings as a result of a plan he made on a map. So he plots six of the killings on a map to make a religious occult symbol.

The real killer would not draw attention to the planning on a map. It could lead police to him.

Some say he pretended to think there were seven murders to cover up that he knew how many were really committed. But if so then why mention how the murders were planned? He was not the murderer. We can be sure of it that if the murders were motivated by black magic and Stephenson was guilty of them he would not have revealed this motive to the police and the public.

He writes, "In the practice of evocation the sacrifice of human victims was a necessary part of the process, and the profanation of the cross and other emblems usually considered sacred was also enjoined... we find that the sites of the murders, six in number, form a perfect cross." He assumes profanation but what if the victims were human sacrifices to God? The Christian who uses Jesus as his human sacrifice can hardly complain if people start thinking there could be others!

Stephenson shows that a lot of people at the time including himself were seeing how a superstitious element was possibly driving the killer. Some are alarmed at his candles - made from human fat! The question was - whose fat? The fat of the victims of the Ripper?

An argument for the victims being human sacrifices

The book Jack the Ripper’s Black Magic Rituals proves that the murders of Ripper Victims, Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes were planned on a map. The four murder sites make a near perfect parallelogram when they are joined up by lines on a map. The book shows how this isn’t imagination. On page 149 we see how between the Nichols and Chapman murder sites there is 930 yards as the crow flies. And between Chapman and Eddowes there is 930 yards as the crow flies. Between Eddowes and Stride there is 950 yards and in case there should be any doubt that Mary Kelly was a Ripper victim the Ripper made sure she was exactly 950 yards away from the Stride site. But he did that just for show for Kelly was outside of the pattern he was trying to make. As page 149 shows, the distance of 930 yards between murder site one and two and 930 yards between two and four and 950 yards between four and three and the exact same distance between three and five just cannot be coincidence. The people who doubt that Stride and Kelly were Ripper victims have to be wrong. The reason the killer didn’t make them all 930 yards was simply because some adjustment was necessary and he didn’t want to end up killing some of them too openly. They had to be killed in the right place with the right amount of cover. The book says the killer’s plan couldn’t be improved on.

The first murder took place marking the east compass point. This was to desecrate Christianity which sees the east as sacred and the most sacred and meaningful direction Jesus will return from the east. It is the direction in which he lived when he was on earth. Next is Chapman for due north and Stride for due South and Eddowes for due west.

The directions may indicate that the symbolism is not a parallelogram but a cross. Why else would the Ripper have gone to the trouble of using a compass?

What is more they make up a cross that is almost perfect.

To draw a line from Chapman and Stride makes a line that points due north and south. To draw a line from Nichols to Eddowes makes a line from due east to west. The points of the compass are made out (page 13, 59, 150, Jack the Ripper’s Black Magic Rituals). One thing is for sure, a killer who takes into consideration the four directions when planning the killings is planning some kind of human sacrifices.

The arms of the cross when drawn go due north, due south, due east, due west. This is because the first four victims were killed at nearly the same distance apart and at the four points of the compass (page 140, 150, Jack the Ripper’s Black Magic Rituals). Therefore it seems that the cross, not a parallelogram, was what was intended. It explains why no killing was made at the place where the lines intersect to make sure we knew it was a cross. It wasn’t necessary.

Some say that the view that the Ripper was a black magic killer who was desecrating the cross in this way was unlikely. Why? Because we don’t have a victim at the spot where the two lines of the cross intersect. Such a victim would be necessary to show that it really was a cross. Maybe the killer just didn’t think it would make out a parallelogram and just cared about making a cross. The cross is the most likely understanding of what the killer wished to symbolise. Maybe he was making the cross for himself not for us to see it. Some people might shape out a cross by making just four points after than making another point of where the lines they draw meet. The chief reason for holding that it was a cross that was intended is seen from the fact that the parallelogram isn’t a likely symbol. It has no common religious significance. So it could have been the cross that was intended. As the parallelogram is composed of two equilateral triangles it would seem that the triangles could be the symbolism intended. But then why two joined together making a parallelogram? Why not a triangle here and a separate one somewhere else? The killing sites were possibly chosen to make a parallelogram or a cross. If it was a parallelogram then why the killer made this symbol is a mystery. But it shows that the first four victims were indeed Ripper victims. The cross interpretation says the same thing. Both whatever they indicate, certainly indicate that the Ripper murders were religiously motivated.

The Kelly murder is an exception to this symbolism despite the book’s attempts to assume symbols to get her site included. Its implausibility is shown by the books admission that the killer had to move the centre point to choose her site (page 141). The book shows that murders three and four and five allow a circle to be drawn through them. But though this is true when you look at the circle you think it may be coincidence. Jack has a coincidence here so the parallelogram is hardly likely to be a coincidence. The circle is found if you put the point at a certain spot in the middle of the junction of Commercial Street. If the circle was planned then the killer chose this spot. It was not at random. He would have had to record all the places in the area that would give sufficient cover for killing the women and then choose the ones that were plotted along the circumference of the circle. The same must be the case for the parallelogram or cross. He had to be sure of all the places which gave good cover and then plan the cross accordingly. The murder sites had to be checked out before he set out to work on the map.

Why five murders? Jesus Christ had five wounds. Why five women of Christian background? Why no Jewish prostitutes?

The argument of the book that the killing sites show a very complex Vesica Piscis, the Christian symbol of the fish is without foundation. We must not get carried away with the fact that symbolism is shown. But even if it is the Vesica Piscis, it does our argument that the killer was a Jew who wanted to desecrate Christianity no harm. In fact it, supports it.

Are we to think that the Ripper had to get the women to the points?  That would seem to be very difficult.  Nichols seems to be an ambush so that was easy enough.  Chapman, Stride and Eddowes were harder work.  And surely the whole scheme only fits if you leave Kelly out?  It is very contrived and refuses to see the psychological fact that a frenzy took over the killer when he got them in the right place and time. 

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