All things supposedly came from nothing and God commanded them to exist. He did not make the universe from any material or source and not even from his own power. He just told the universe to exist. Yes he talked to a universe that was not there - pure magic! And then it began to exist. This is the doctrine of creation. The doctrine however under close analysis shows that it denies that God really makes but uses magic words to make things appear. When a witch uses magic words it is the words that have the power not her.
Why did he not use power?
God is that which is totally perfect and happy and self-sufficient and who depends on nothing. What is wrong with saying God’s power made all things? What does God need power for? Power is what you need if you are not self-sufficient. It is for just using or for fixing a problem. This is another reason why if there is a God there is no reason to think he has the power to create. If you say his power is what he used to make the universe then you are putting the cart before the horse. The universe exists and how do we explain why it is here? A God did it therefore God has the power to create. That is not an argument but a trick. A circular argument is not really an argument.
Intelligent Design

The Pope said in October 2014 that the big bang “doesn’t contradict the intervention of a divine Creator, but demands it". He explained that the order that resulted cannot be the work of random forces. So he invokes the intelligent design argument. This looks like he thinks the big bang came from nothing. This is more magic again. Nothing cannot explode. He thinks that because the universe came through that explosion and still ended up reasonably organised that there must be an organiser. I hope he doesn't reason that organisation is what indicates that there is a divine creator who organises. Is he saying that the existence of things in themselves does not prove they came from nothing thanks to a creator? If he is then he is right.

Could it be that the following is his logic? We cannot know things are created unless we see evidence of a designer. Is he inferring creation from design? That would not be a very good argument. If you see a beautiful painting it does not follow that its beauty proves that the artist made it from nothing. The pope oddly said, "When we read about creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so."

That is an example of how the Church has always pretended it doesn't think that God made all things by magic!

The problem with the c word, saying God caused all things
Creation means that God caused the universe and did not make it from himself or any energy.

Cause however means change where you have a leading to b.
God is the cause of the creation. But what does cause mean? Suppose a magician really can make a rabbit come out of a hat. That would be creation out of nothing. Is it right to say he is making the rabbit appear?
Magic means you avoid the laws of cause and effect. You get the effect without the cause. That is not an effect. It only looks like one.  If there is no effect there is no cause. If you use power to make the rabbit that is not magic. If you simply order the rabbit to appear and use no power and the rabbit appears without any power doing it - that is magic. Magic does not make sense. Thus to talk about God as the cause of the universe is nonsense. It is a trick with words. It is telling that Christians never mention how ridiculous it is. They argue that the God theory explains so much. But that is simply dodging the contradiction. It is saying, absurdity x is nevertheless true for the consequences of denying it mean we lose so many explanations. An explanation in your head is not necessarily the answer. An explanation that is created just to avoid the loss of other explanations is not an explanation at all. It is a symptom of fear. If we lose a lot of explanations by denying that God created, it does not follow that God created.
Christians may say that they do not believe God does magic. But how do they know? They admit they do not understand how we are only that we are. They do not understand how God creates. It would be a little more honest if they said, "God makes all things not from anything. This is beyond our comprehension so it might be magical and it might not."
Rationally, we should not believe in magic and anything that suggests the possibility of the magical is faulty. The God concept is faulty.

Creation is a non-explanation

The creation out of nothing idea indicates that God has made the universe by means of miracle. Miracle is not an explanation at all but a cop-out. Nobody can understand how a miracle happens or how something can come from nothing. So the claim by the Christians that God is the explanation for the universe is deceit. It is an explanation that does not explain anything.

If God cannot do what is contradictory, then it follows that if creation is a contradiction then he cannot create. The notion that creation is a miracle presumes that creation makes sense. It does not.

The notion of God making all things from nothing is absurd. If a witch does nothing but command things to come into existence she is not making anything. Either nothing or some power is doing it for her at her request. The question if it is her power or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is that it is power.

Creation by God or anything does not answer the problem of how something can come from nothing at all. It only makes the problem worse and so should be dismissed. If all things have come from nothing that is a problem. But you only make it a worse problem by saying God commanded things to exist. Before, you had the problem of something coming from nothing. Now you still have that problem. But you are adding the problem of how commanding something to exist is any help. To be plain: God ordering things to exist is not creating them at all. It implies he is calling on some power outside himself to produce them because he does not use his own power at all.

Magic made the universe?

It is said to be a fact that nothing comes from nothing. However, religion says this does not apply where God is concerned. God is able to make 1 where there is no 1. Why is he able? Is it because God has power? Many would answer that it is because he has power. Power in itself does not mean that he can create. Creating implies that he does not make anything out of his power so it must be magical power. And if it is magical power he uses, it might allow him to create or it might not. A witch turning you into a frog does not mean she could have turned you into a rabbit instead. Believers should be saying that magic made the universe. There is no reason to go any further than that and start saying the magic is God's. God might have the power to create but not use it so in that case magic made the universe.

Why does Magic create?

What if you believe that magic created the universe?

So why does the power of magic create? It is just because it is magic? Is it because it is unlimited? [Then in that case all that matters is that it is unlimited even if it is not magic power] Or is it unlimited magic power? 

Magic is the power to turn an acorn into a universe or vice versa. It is the power to overrule cause and effect so the quantity of power does not matter. It would mean that the creator could be a witch or even Satan as opposed to anything like an infinite Christian God.

If creation exists because God has magic power, then it follows that as long as a being has such power it does not matter if it is limited or unlimited. There would in fact be no sense in us thinking that God made all things for a fairy would do. No need to go over the top.


Something cannot come out of nothing.  Religion says this is true but it is different if there is a God.  But God uses nothing to create not even his own power.  He just commands and it happens.  This is not creating or making.  It is magic.  And as for the notion that if this is magic then a magician is required then remember that the witch using magic is using something that would exist without her.

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