Religion thrives on the base human instinct that draws us to magical thinking

Magic goes with being manipulative.  Believers claim they can make it fit with respect for the free will of another.  Nothing changes the fact that you cannot know how to fully respect the free will of another for people can only communicate so much and only they know what they really want.

If religion is magic then

-it is hypocritical when it condemns it

-its prayers for others are really spells at heart

-if magic does not work then it is harming people for real harm demands real action

-its prayers to saints are necromancy

-its Jesus and its gods are just demons clothed in the robes of holiness

-its demand that you sacrifice for it is cruel

-magical thinking leads to more magical thinking and spreads like a virus to others

Your own hatred and anger can do you a lot of harm.  Yet you seem to think that holding on to them somehow hurts the other person.  It is as if you want to believe they want you to like them and thus by hating them and being mad at them you frustrate them.  It is as if you think your hate and anger have the magical power to hurt them.  Our fondness for magic and wishing it were real is part of the reason why hate and anger are problems in the world.  Religion even when it condemns magic is in fact thriving on it.

If there is only so much happiness to go around you will want it to come upon the good. Or more specifically, as nobody likes everybody who is good it will be the good people whose goodness pleases you.  You will dislike and despise some people for being good.

Praying for another seems to assume that you want them to be happy. The bad are often happy so your attitude when you pray or do magic is that you would ensure it goes to the good instead.

Just like we think or act as if hate has the magic power to hurt others do we think compassion and prayer have the magic power to fix them?  Yes. To think your anger and hate brings bad luck to others is one side of the coin so whether you realise it or not you are saying you can send them good luck too.

If evil or unhappiness can be directed or you should try to through prayer and magic then it should not be sent to or attempted to be sent to anyone.

Sending unhappiness to somebody is always an act of hate. Who are you to decide who should be happy?  It is evil for you to want to protect x from suffering and misery by prayer or magic for that means you are trying to send them to somebody else.  If you want x protected and y unprotected then that means you want them to go to the wolves for unprotected means anything can happen.

For those who are adamant that they oppose magic and never practice it - well if it barks like a dog ...

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