Much religion denounces witchcraft and occultism as delusion and of the Devil. Yet there is nothing that is more into magic, deals with the Devil and hexes than itself.

Religionists who freely practice their religion knowing that it is untrue are practicing black magic for they couldn’t be serving their cult if they felt there was no magic power in it.

After I discovered the Catholic Church to be an anti-truth crusade I was still emotionally drawn to it. It didn’t bother me that it was a fraud – I wanted it to be true therefore I was determined to delude myself into thinking that it was the true Church. I was too turned on by the history and rites of the Church and by the desire to help it look to into Protestantism which I despised. I hated non-papists far more when I founded the real truth about my Church and that hey had been right all along. This was out of a combination of pure wickedness and jealousy for I didn’t want them to be right.

Incredibly, I prayed quite a bit and liked to visit the “blessed” sacrament most days. I felt that the prayers would still work and do me good even though I perceived them to be mockeries and blasphemies coming from the likes of me! It is obvious that my praying was really just spell casting. Useless prayers could only be viewed to be of help if they were held to possess magic power and be indirect devil-worship! The Catholic Church made me a warlock! I could have been one of millions!

The Catholic Church attributes sin to God no matter how vehemently she says she doesn’t. If she does this in earnest then she does not worship God for God is infinite good. God is literally truth, love and justice. We cannot understand this. Yet it is in the Bible (John 14:6; 1 John 4:16). God is his attributes because he is a spirit that is a being without parts or divisions. God is an infinite spirit for only infinite power could create things from nothing when there is an infinite distance between something and nothing. Infinite means having some quality without limit – having all of it. If an infinite being sinned then he would be all evil instead of infinite good. What is infinite can have no parts – it is either all or nothing. If God were good and not good, that is partly both, then he wouldn’t exist. So, though they may not realise it, Catholics are worshipping either a bad God or one that does not exist.

To pray to evil or to nothing is to invoke occult forces.

The Church drags many into occultism by making it a disgrace to leave her. Rather than live in spiritual unhappiness and under a sense of bondage many who are coerced prefer to be freely pious which means becoming sorcerers.

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