Luck is when you think the random will just work for you. It is not sensible for if it is really random then it's not about you.  Who do you think you are?

Whether you pray or not, you will have a sense of good luck or okay luck or bad luck. Our minds make patterns so you will be sure to notice only the things that seem to confirm you if you believe your luck is good. The same if it is okay or bad. You will become a self-fulfilling prophecy so to speak. Statistically some person has to have more luck than the person beside them. Luck is not inherent. It just happens. If you think your good luck is with you you may take more risks with life and get good results. That is not just luck. It is more just you. The luck instinct is more foundational than your prayer life. I mean prayer is just how you express your idea of your luck. You want to feel luck will smile on you.  Luck is superstition and dangerous for nothing can be as good as making the effort to improve yourself and it's not nice or wise to think you are special which is why luck kisses you so much.

While the luck notion is always going to be with you, there are dangers in encouraging it.  It is important to be aware that it might fool you and lead to danger.  Prayer and magic feed the illusion.  They feed the monster.

It is possible to hide a belief in luck by presenting it as something less stupid say as a response by God to your prayer.  Many do not care how what they want to happen happens whether it is luck or God that is doing it. Their devotion to God is thus suspect. 

It is interesting how if you drink and drive you will not be hated and reviled unless you say kill somebody who steps out in front of you.  If people want to blame you for an accident they either need to say that it was not an accident and call you a murderer or that God was to blame more than you were.  They just rant and rave and won't engage.  They don't want to be honest.  Luck shows the total hypocrisy of human nature.

One clue that God is a dupe is the Achilles Heel of morality.  Despite attempts to show that God is the authority behind morality and the reason it is valid God and morality are in contradiction.  Moral rules presuppose regularity. Justice and love and respect have to depend on reliable expectations not guesses and luck.   If for the last million mornings, an angel brings me my breakfast, I still DO NOT HAVE THE SLIGHTEST reason to think she will come tomorrow.  So morality is based on a lie, despite saying lying is wrong.  God is just a name put on luck.  They are about luck not God and can protest all they want.  The truth is the truth.  A moral God is just a cover for luck and lucky happenings are imagined to be God's doing.  If they were, they would not be luck.

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