We deny that people believe only what they want to believe. Belief is in the intellect not the feelings. A person who feels that there is a God is not necessarily a person who believes there is a God. They only pretend they believe to themselves. And they only pretend to themselves in order to deceive others. There is little point to deceiving yourself.

Contradictory beliefs are really not beliefs at all.  They are just fighting each other.  They are proof that one only imagines one believes.  No matter what the Catholic or Mormon or Muslim or whatever says, the morals they get from being part of society is what matter to them even at the expense of specifically religious morals.  Yet they will say they love God totally when in fact they would rather God went and died if it meant their little newborn baby could live.  If religion is not a mental disorder then it wants to be.

To be irrational is to have a little to large mental disorder. Always. People have the right to know that they have it. So believers in God should be told to investigate and see if there is a God.

To be logical and rational is about keeping the rules of logic. The power to reason is built into us and we can reason correctly without any training in formal logic. The best way to describe rationality or logic is that it is simply being coherent. A person who says they believe that Jesus was sinless and who then says Jesus was very mean to a woman when he described her daughter as a mere animal or dog is contradicting themselves. Such a person is really mistaking the feeling that Jesus was sinless for believing that he was. His mind tells him Jesus was sinful in saying that to the woman. His feelings say different. When he tells us that he believes we should tell him if we perceive that he feels not believes. It is no harm to ask somebody, "What role does feeling that this is all true have in what you believe?"

To be irrational is no better than saying to everybody, “Without rationality life cannot function. I care not. I will do my bit to harm rationality".

Even the smallest irrationality is disrespect to truth and therefore to all people.

Irrationality shows disrespect for yourself and towards everybody else as well.

Most Catholics cannot give sufficient reasons for their alleged faith. The religion of feeling is the biggest and the most dangerous in the world.

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