Evil is said by some to refute the existence of a loving creator.  This would amount to refuting a God who has the right to be worshipped or to tell you how to behave.  You could have a creator concept that is not about being worshipped or about your morals.  I wouldn't call it a God. 

Religion says that evil is a malfunction that we create that damages God's creation and it is not a thing so there is no reason to ask how God can create evil.  He does not for it's not a thing but a defect.  This is an evil deflection of an argument for it does not matter what evil is.  If its deliberate as in making something good that is set up to fail or if it is a power then God is evil.  Religion just flatly states that it's not deliberate.  That is not an argument.  An argument is reasoned.

The Possibility that Evil Contradicts the Goodness of God

The argument that evil fits the existence of a loving God is in fact deflecting.  It is looking at his existence not his loving nature though it is worded to deceive.  Something existing does not automatically mean evil is impossible.  But God is not the same thing for he by definition stands for pure love and doesn't have to let evil happen. 

It says "God exists" and "Evil is not really real but a defect".  So it is about his existence not his love.  Evil being a defect does not mean a God cannot do that kind of evil.

It does the same trick as arguing that the catastrophic bookkeeping of Mr X your bookkeeper who does not exist does not prove he does not exist.  But if he is so incompetent he is not a bookkeeper at all.  The argument directs you to his existence when it is about him being a bookkeeper.

Anyway the believers look at evil to see if there is any way they can mangle it to fit their glorious ability to recognise the love of God and thus show how superior and good they are in doing so.  It takes being so good that you only see the good to a new level!!

They cannot deny that evil is that which is or could be a contradiction of the existence of God.  God supposedly comes first which implies that evil is about defying him and he is about fighting evil.  Any other problems with it are really aspects of one problem.  But that stops us admitting evil might refute God!  It is logical and ethical to say that and we must say it for those reasons!  That shows there is something flawed in the notion that evil is merely anti-God.

Good and evil then are clearly stand alone and independent of God if there is a God.

Believers however argue, "God exists therefore evil does not contradict the existence of God."  They admit it might but they say it might not.  Let us forget the fact that we have seen that it does contradict it.

But to say evil might fit God is to deny that evil is a power so they say evil is merely a level of good that is too low.  So God only makes good but sometimes good falls short.  So that avoids having God blamed for making evil.  If that doctrine is all true then they are lying if they say evil might refute God.  How can it when it is defined in a way to fit God?  Why is there so much religious muddying of the waters and messing around?

Messing around is bad for it is refusing to see if evil contradicts the existence of God then that it does. Refusing to recognise evil as it is, is a marker of evil itself.  It feeds evil for it prevents a proper diagnosis and there is therefore no hope of a good treatment.  Nobody does enough to stop more bad things happening. Why are you not doing more and engaging in more sacrifices?  Is it because you have that doctrine of evil lurking in you even if you do not see it?

Others suffer from evil more than you the believer ever will – you are one person and there are and have been billions. And what about animals?  What business have you to water down the indescribable evil they endured by redefining it as a faulty form of good?  What kind of person are you?

A truly good person if they cannot find an answer for evil needs to admit there might not be one so that they will try to be an answer by being good and kind to the extreme.  They will step in where God should be but is not.  They will do what God should do but cannot do for he is not there.

If God is a good thing then suffering puts us off him so suffering is evil in that sense.

Evil cannot be a tool for doing a greater good or a source of a worthwhile good. It is not possible. The good that comes from it is only part of how evil looks good.  It is a reason for condemning the evil - it is the biggest reason!

The argument that evil fits God is evil for it pretends to be an argument. It is not an argument at all but a trick.

The argument that evil is an argument for God is even worse.

If it is reasonable to deny God on the basis of the existence of evil and suffering then that reasonableness is itself evil if God in fact does exist.  Thus we see that God by definition is a threat to reason so the logical argument from evil against God can only be correct and good.

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