People will not like you or the good you do for them if you do it in a victim way. They want you to find something in it for yourself to motivate you. We want people to enjoy helping us. Egoism is loving others in the sense of helping them and benefiting them because they want us to think of our ego.

Liking means finding personal satisfaction so when you like a person you are not valuing that person but how they make you feel. There is nothing wrong with that for that necessarily makes you more useful to others than an altruist would be.

And no matter what you do it is because you like to do it to some extent so you do it because you like it and therefore for yourself. It is easier to help others if you want to and like doing it which means you are helping them to fulfil yourself. The egoist never sacrifices though he or she may give up things for others but he or she wants to do it and gets the benefit of at least some fulfilment from it. So it is the result of the act that is for others not the intention. This is not sacrifice for it is done for self-fulfilment. Real sacrifice is giving things up to hurt yourself for others.

The rule of egoism is to love yourself in your neighbour. So you love yourself in the sense that you value yourself alone but you love your neighbour in the sense that you like (take selfish delight in) your neighbour. Love is liking. But you do not value your neighbour as yourself for you cannot and you do not like your neighbour as yourself either.

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