It is vitally important that people get as much liberty as possible that brings minimal harm and upset to everybody else

Freedom and equality cannot be equally important in any society. One has to be sacrificed for the other.  Getting that balance right is never easy.

Crimes are those acts by which one man harms the person or property of another.  Crimes as in sins must be rejected. Keep the focus on us. Sins are about God and religion.

Vices are defined by some as going the wrong way about making yourself happy.  That would suggest they do not have to indicate any malice towards others except maybe God and do not necessarily mean you will hurt the person or property of another.

The law of the land requires you - with few exceptions - to have a criminal intent before it can call you guilty of a crime. 

So the state cannot punish vice but it must punish crime.

In prostitution and in everything, regulation is always an alternative to prohibition.

Liberty should be maximised. But sometimes people should be protected from themselves. I'm not an island in terms of character and stupidity so my self-abuse can affect others. Sado-masochism should be illegal if it leads to hospitalisation, broken bones or death or psychological trauma or if it is based on coercion.

There is an important distinction between forcibly protecting people from themselves or simply attempting to do so through persuasion.

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