Discussion on Daylight Atheism: Why Liberal Catholics Should Leave the Church

One thing is for sure, if you won't leave the Church officially then at least do not give it money for that money will be used to gain undeserved influence and to spread religious misinformation. The Church does not claim to be a charity but a mission and the charity work only serves the evangelism. Also, there are estimates that a large pile of money donated to the Church does not really go where you think it is going. http://www.churchsecurity.info...

It does not matter what anybody identifies as. I can identify as Mormon but nobody in their right mind would take me seriously. It is up to the facts to identify you not you or anybody else. And the fact remains that the bishops are the authorised teachers of the Church and supposedly stand in the place of Jesus and are guided by him. They are not telling you to go if you should be a Protestant or humanist. They are only telling you what logic says.
If Catholicism is a man made religion then it will have errors. In that case a progressive Catholic does not exist. What you have is a person using the label who is trying to mend the errors while pretending the religion is definitely from God.

It is alarming that for most of its history - until recently - Catholics had no problem worshipping a God of hate who torments sinners and innocent people (yes if you have sex outside marriage you will be cursed by God forever despite being an innocent person) for all eternity. I don't think the damage done by such doctrines should be forgiven so easily by today's Catholics.

The reality is that truth is not about us. Truth is truth no matter what. A religion that claims to be the truth should be followed without cherry-picking but only if it really is the truth. I am atheist and do not like the Church but I agree that those who cannot see it as the truth should leave. Otherwise they end up supporting what they think is a manmade religion. It is stupid to regard everybody that claims to be Christian as Christian or qualified to speak on what Christians believe. If some belief is not Christian and anti-Christian no Christian can make it Christian
Discussion on Spectator Blogs - When he thinks no one is looking, Pope tries to wave through communion for divorced-and-remarried

Liberals just want the pope to be nicer to some people such as the divorced but what use is that when the core system of Catholicism is a human invention and a toxic one? Liberals are only enabling the poison.

The reason why Christianity is to blame for so much suffering is the teaching of love. Love is risky in the sense that it demands too much of the person and has them acting as if they know what is best for others. The Eastern teaching of compassion is vastly superior. Compassion insists that you do your best to dialogue with the other person so that you can put yourself in their place. Love has a patronising and controlling side side while compassion recognises that risk and does all it can to avert it.

Also if Catholicism is a man-made religion, calling somebody Catholic is really just a word. It has as much validity as saying a man from Rainville is a Rainvillian. There would be nothing special about the label except as a social appellation.

As the creed says the Church is one and holy and Catholic (Catholic means it has the truth for all people and is an implicit claim to infallibility or access to unerring teachings) and apostolic the implication is that a person who knows what the Church teaches and denies it is no longer a believing Catholic but a cherry-picker. They may be culturally Catholic but even an atheist who was never baptised can manage that! Christ was very severe against those who were recognised as Jews but who were not really because their hearts were full of sin and heresy and pretence. Catholic Pharisees exist too.

How good is a religion when it produces such experts at pretending to be good? Not all religions have the pharisee problem to the extent that Catholicism does.

Parents and Catholic schools

Parents often state that they want schools with say a Catholic ethos. Why do they not care that they can have children formed as Catholics even if schools are secular? Why don't they secularise schools and use Sunday Schools? And why is there no concern for whether a religion is true or not? A Muslim School and a Catholic School cannot both be preaching a religion from God. Both might be preaching religions of man and man has no right to order anybody to do anything on religious grounds - only God can have that right and even that is debatable.  If man has no right to dictate he has less right if he thinks he can dictate for God if God has no such right!  God has no needs and rights are based on needs so God has no right to judge us and is failing to love the sinner and hate the sin if he judges us.  He is just being arrogant and spiteful and hypocritical. Not all concerns linked to religion are really about truth or God or religion. I think Catholics just want a Catholic culture not Catholicism as a religion.

Religious groups angered by President Trump vow to keep LGBT act
"Liberals" are to blame for creating a culture where raising concerns about people's religious ideas was made taboo. Conservatives played on that and were delighted that we ended up with a society that made it rude to tell say a priest to be that he might be wasting his life on a relationship with God that is delusion. Now look at what is happening. Wrong beliefs or turning guesses into beliefs has consequences. A man-made faith or religion not only leads to corruption it is corruption for corruption starts with a refusal to face the truth and embrace it if you are wrong.

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