The law of attraction says what you think will come true will come true.  Thus it blames you for all the bad that happens to you.  You cause your cancer.  You are to blame for your dear father's bankruptcy for you did not think the "right" thoughts.  And if you send Jane a nice wish and somebody pulls her out of the ocean when she falls off a pier you are the real lifesaver. 

The answer to the thought that you cannot take all the blame and all the credit is this.  That is self-doubt.  It is doubting your awesome power.  So you must take all the blame and credit.  Faith in your power to bend reality is what the law of attraction is all about.


Through the law of attraction we have complete free will.

If a tyrant murders millions of innocent people what gives you the right to say his free will is more important than theirs? Is his freedom to kill more important than their freedom to live?

We have free will all the way. Then why are tyrants allowed to deliver millions unto a ignominious and agonising death? Why does the free will of the tyrants seem to be put before the free will of the victims?

The victims will get the choice to do such things one day or they have got that choice. We all live countless lives and we may have lived in countless universes before this present one. We possess the power to influence events by the powers of our minds and the misuse of such power causes much evil.

Our thoughts are forces and powers and energies. We wouldn’t be able to have them if they were not. When we think thoughts that wish harm we are in fact doing harm. We could, for example, be empowering many tyrants to carry out our evil intentions and hurt people. When you choose evil and think evil you are setting in motion forces that cannot be controlled for evil is necessarily chaotic and disordered. To do evil is to refuse the power to control, to be your own God. Evil is a Pandora’s Box. Even if supernatural forces work to stop tyrants killing millions our evil thoughts would still put such people in power and the powers do not and cannot interfere with free will.

The person who is paralysed from the neck down has as much free will as the muscle man.

If you wish to see millions slain you are actually causing such slaying. There is no power that can stop you thinking such thoughts. There is no difference between the person who hates people and the one who kills them. None of us can think herself or himself better than anybody else.

We must inform the world of the awesome power we possess.

Is it my fault that I have to endure suffering and pain? If I draw things into my life by thinking negative thoughts then surely I am to blame for all the bad things that happen? I could never think enough negative thoughts to do myself much harm. Most of the harm is done by other people and by many religions. Their worship sends forth a vortex of poison that spreads its darkness to the ends of the world. When I have a negative thought, the viruses of darkness, get in through this little wound and multiply inside my life.

Is free will worth it? Yes because without free will there is no love. Even in the greatest "evil" there is love. The love might be disfigured and mutilated and desecrated it may be, but it is still there. The tiny diamond amid the mud is no less precious. Everything no matter how "evil" we think it is, is worthwhile.

Free will is mine and I maintain it.

Destiny isn't fixed. We change the future by our affirmations. Some people say that nobody can steal your destiny. What they should say is that nobody can stop you drawing a wonderful future to yourself. Destiny has connotations of something that is going to happen to us that we can't stop. But the law of attraction can address that.

There is a lot we can do to make our lives better. No disaster is a complete disaster and that is thanks to the power of the law of attraction to restrain the powers of chance from creating total and final catastrophe.

REPLY: It must be admitted that the doctrine of the law of attraction accounts for why if there is a supernatural higher power, why we have to be allowed to do so much damage.  The cruelty of telling a person who uses the law well and disaster happens that it is somehow their fault is shameless.  The narcissism of the doctrine will ensure that if you follow it people will not be able to endure you.  Now, the person using the law will get stressed.  Why?  For they know deep down that all things don't really work out or work out the way you want.  The idea of God is a law of attraction in the sense that it copes with that.  That is still a name it and claim it thing.  It is every bit as controlling as the "I want it and I want it now thing."  Or it is worse for it gets around your internal resistance to the obvious false promise that comprises the law of attraction in its most popular form.

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