Einstein when he supposedly said that religion without science is blind

Einstein said, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”. But what religion did he mean? He probably meant his own idiosyncratic religion. It would be insane to argue that science without Mormonism or Scientology or Satanism or statue worship is lame. But notice how he says that science is lame without religion but he says that religion without science is worse – it is blind! It does not limp it just collapses in the darkness. And its blindness comes from not wanting to see.

The reality is that no religion truly supports science.  No scientific principle is endorsed fully by religion.  Imagine if evolution were as provable as the existence of the moon.  The Church would still regard deniers as Catholics in good standing and make bishops of them. And even if all Catholics were deniers the Church would not care.

Religion sometimes say that science does not oppose belief in the supernatural or magical or miraculous but has nothing to say on the subject.   That is a bare-faced lie. Remember religion is speaking not just about what happens practically speaking but hypothetically.  If Jesus lived this century and died and was allegedly raised from the dead science would have something to say on the subject if it did forensic tests on his tomb and found evidence he was stolen from it while people were saying they had met him raised up and touched his body.  The hypothetical matters.  What can happen only happens because it can - it was hypothetical until it happened.  The hypothetical actually comes first!  Or if you like the hypothetical is all there is but some of it actually happens.  There is just hypothetical that can happen and hasn't and hypothetical that has happened.

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