In Islam, the Koran/Quran, is fully the word of God. It is the standard against which all matters of faith and morals are measured. The tradition of Islam takes second place and the Quran is preferred if there is a contradiction.


By default, by claiming to be the only book given directly by God and by claiming that God not Muhammad produced it and that Muhammad was secretary more than Prophet the Quran would have to be the book to go to not the Bible or anything else.  The Quran is literally authored only by Allah.


The Quran is also preferred to the Bible which it says has been altered and changed by heretics.

The Quran accuses the Bible of being inaccurate and then it says that the Bible shows that it is true. How can it if it is corrupt?

The Quran does not contain a single prophecy that indicates that a God who knows the future wrote it. The only prophecy it has is a vague one that had to come true one day anyway. If the Jews and Christians rewrote the Bible why would they put in the material that the only sure sign that God is speaking is when there is no error when the future is predicted?

It is believed by many scholars that the book was not in existence when Muhammad died and was pieced together from parchments and memory. The man who may have been the author though he is presented as the final editor is Zaid ibn Thabit. We know that there is no evidence that the Quran existed as we now have it in the seventh or eighth centuries. We have no Qurans from that period or even pieces of any import.


450 of the original memorisers of the Quran perished in battle so how accurate is the current Quran?


The Quran we have today is just one version of what was around soon after Muhammad. Sahih al-Bukhari 6:51:510 shows how variants were gotten rid of but we have no way of knowing what the original really looked like.  The Muslim claim that what we have now is the word of God is just based on circular reasoning.

The Catholic Church says that Catholics and Muslims have the same God. But the Muslim God is revealed entirely through the Quran. They have the wrong way of looking at God and so they are worshipping their own perception and not the real God. Therefore if the Quran is man-made or inspired by a familiar spirit then it is an idol dressed up as God that is worshipped by Muslims.


Core Christian doctrine says that adultery is a sin and the Quran by contrast allows it under certain circumstances by letting a man marry a second wife while the first is alive and have sex with the second wife.  Even if polygamy was often about taking girls into the family to look after them why could they not be adopted instead or taken as wives but non-sexual wives?  The Quran permitted sex with slaves and concubines as well!  For that reason, there is no way anybody could say that one religion is as good as another.

The version of the Quran we are using is published by Penguin and N.J. Dawood (London, 1994).

The book boasts that it is infallible (98:1).

Sura 1:2:47 says that there will come a day when there will be nothing you can do to save yourself from the anger of God. This puts a limit on God’s mercy so he has mercy on some who want to be saved and not on others.

The Quran claims to be infallible and perfect. Yet in 10:106 we read that if a verse is cancelled it will be replaced by a better or a similar one! That is good if you regret making a doctrine for you can then change it. But the omnipotent Allah who wrote the Quran could surely do better than that! The same verse has the cheek to then say that God has power over all things! It refutes the argument that the Quran must be of God when it is a masterpiece for God would have the intelligence to get it right the first time.

In 2:142 we learn that Muslims were told to turn to Mecca when they pray though God originally told them to turn to Jerusalem. They were told that if unbelievers brought this up then to tell them that the east and west belong to God and he does what is right. In other words, though it is either right or wrong to face one of those places, God is right to say that it is wrong to face Jerusalem and right to face Mecca God is right to contradict himself! The vice of stubbornness pervades this book.
2:178 commands retaliation in bloodshed and decrees a slave for a slave and a free person for a free person. A fine was allowed as the only punishment if the relatives forgave the killer. It says that retaliation is for protecting yourself. That is bunkum for fines are no deterrent when you want to kill a member of a forgiving family. This evil law allows you to make money out of the murder of your relative. It is mercenary.

Sura 2:180 makes it a duty to make your will out to family. That is a disgraceful rule.  And there is no reason to assume that God is making this rule for people who have poor families so it is a general rule.

2:190 says that Muslims must fight for the sake of God against aggressors. They are not to attack them first and are to kill them wherever they find them. They are to battle on until idolatry is obliterated and Islam is the only religion. Obviously, this is saying that if a foreign army attacks a Muslim area the Muslims have the right to slaughter all who will not convert to Islam in that country. It is silly if God only permits this genocide when Muslims are attacked. If the attack is the excuse for it and a terrible one at that then why not do away with it?

It is also disgusting that the fighting is to be done for the sake of God. A principle like that only gives people more to go to war over as if we have not got too much as it is.

2:269 says that it is good to give alms in public but better to give them in private which will atone for sins. But with some imagination it is easy to find ways in which all giving is secret. The Quran fails to see that public charity must be sinful – an important error. And it even says that the good act of public charity cannot make up for sins! The doctrine of atonement here is nightmarish for you will never be able to do enough to atone when sin deserves everlasting torment according to the Quran’s dreadful God. The atoning is really evil for it is like throwing God some scraps from the banquet table.

The Quran says that we may give a debtor who can’t pay us more time but that it is better to let him keep what he owes (2:80). This is the stupid doctrine that morality is rules and not what maximises good. The doctrine of slaves and zombies! The debtor should have made sure he could pay back before he asked for the money. In certain circumstances the Quran would be right but nothing is said about circumstances here and it says it means a man who gets more time meaning a man who says he will be able to pay and needs more time.  

Sura 4:16 says that God forgives those who have sinned without realising it. But there is nothing to forgive in that case. Here, the Quran proves that it cannot be called a gospel because if accidents are sins then there is no hope of salvation for anybody. The book says that God will not forgive those who live sinfully and repent on their deathbeds. This will be accepted as true because people don’t like the thought of evil people escaping their come-uppance. But it is discrimination to refuse to pardon anybody. When God forgives he is saying that it is the most loving thing to do. This doctrine says that he is not saying that which is absurd.

The Quran considers idolatry or the adoration of other Gods to be a most grievous sin which he will not pardon though he pardons all other sins (4:47). This proves that the book is man-made for all sins involve idolatry. They are choosing something over God. It is actually better to sincerely worship an idol than to sin which is wilful idolatry. Man does not like you rejecting his God for he can command things in the name of God to get you to do his own will while pretending that it is for God.

In 5:30, we are told that Abel refused to murder Cain even to save his own life because he hoped that Cain would kill him and go to Hell for it. He wanted Cain to sin more and kill him. That was a suicidal wish and all to make his brother’s hell hotter. Abel was an evil hypocrite despite the Quran saying he was a nice righteous person. Because of the story of Cain and Abel, God says he made it the law that if a person kills he should be treated as if he kills the whole world. The hypocrisy in this is evident: the Quran decrees that the hands of a thief must be hacked off – why not the arms and legs too for if a murderer is treated as if he killed all then the thief should be treated as if he stole from all. Such reasoning could justify putting all offenders to death.


"On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone kills a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if they killed all people. And if any one saved a life, it would be as if they saved the life of all people."  This verse could be read as saying honour killing is fine. And is a verse that makes out you are the same as mass murderer for killing one person really concerned about justice? No.

5:48 gives us the astonishing statement that the Quran conforms to the scriptures of the Jews and the Christians! But these writings are contradicted by the Quran which maintains that they have been edited and rewritten by enemies of God. How can you confirm writings when you can’t sort out the truth from the fiction in them.

The Quran prohibits Muslims from having a friendship with Jews or Christians for whoever befriends them will leave Islam (5:51).

5:90 forbids wine and gambling and games of chance.

In 6:8, Muhammad struggles to give an explanation for why no angel was sent down to shoulder some of his burden which was to oversee and promote Islam. His explanation is that if God had done that then the people would have had no excuse for rejecting Islam and their fate in Hell would have been sealed for remaining sceptical. The miracle would prove it. That is a lie for the Devil can appear as an angel of God and there can be no miracle great enough to convince everybody. And if the angel, we are told, looked like an ordinary man it would only confuse the people. Nonsense. The message should be able to stand up for itself anyway. And God doesn't really know how we will react. He cannot know a future or past that will never happen or never happened.


Quran 65:4 has God speak with approval of wives who have not menstruated yet. It approves extreme paedophilia

6:164 commands the Muslim to believe that all he does should be done only for God. A being whose existence is not as certain as that of yourself or other people is put before you and them!

God decreed that one fifth of the spoils of war belong to God, Muhammad and those who are poor (8:41). Does this not suggest that the prophet was trying to make money of out his religious hoax?

Zul-qarnain is Alexander the Great and he is reported to have found the sun at the edge of the flat world and found it in a spring of dirty water. Presumably when the water was too dirty that was when night fell (Sura 18 Kahf) vs. 85-86).

The Quran says it has no contradictions in it for it came from Allah (Sura 4:82)

Yet to use some of the contradictions in Contradictions in the Qur’an, Difficulties in the Qur’an, it does have contradictions.

Sura 70:4 says a day for Allah is 50,000 of our earthly years and Sura 22:47 says it is 1,000 of our years.

Sura 7:157 has Allah telling Moses what is in the Gospels more than a thousand of years before they were written. Muslims say that he can do that for he knows the future. But the law of simplicity says it is a mistake. You can’t assume that all anachronisms are miracles for then you will be able to date nothing.

The Quran says in one place that anybody who slanders the chastity of an innocent woman can be pardoned by Allah (24:5) and later it says this is unforgivable (24:23). Muslims say if it is not repented it cannot be pardoned and if it is repented it will be forgiven and that is the solution ignoring the fact that the Quran does not say it just means in the second case that the sin will not be pardoned if it is not repented. Repentance is not mentioned.

Sura 10:22 says that Pharaoh called to God and repented as he was about to drown in the Red Sea and God said he would save his body that day. But 28:40 says he drowned. The Quran then accidentally makes God a liar. Muslims explain that Pharaoh was saved by God but before he left the water he hardened his heart so Allah refused to save him and let him drown.  That is pure speculation and it is terrible to accuse Pharaoh of having done that just to avoid seeing a contradiction. Plus, God spoke to Pharaoh in the water which stands for something. It shows Pharaoh was extremely unlikely to have changed his mind and given God reason to cancel the promise. And would Pharaoh have wanted to die? God does not speak unless he plans to make it worth his while. He saw the change in Pharaoh’s heart and trusted him.

See how the Muslims solve their contradictions just like the believers in Christianity do. With ingenuity like that and such craftiness the only fruit can be complete confusion as to what religion is true. God would want things kept simple for the seeker and so would carefully make sure his inspired word would not need contrived solutions to contradictions for he would be as clear as newly washed crystal.
The contradictions are rationalised away. This is doing conjuring tricks with facts to cover up the errors.


The evidence for the Islam being God's religion and its holy book his infallible word is poor. The mere fact that the book expects so much obedience of people and orders many evil and bigoted things to be done in the name of God and can't convince us that it is God's word clearly tells us that it is NOT God's word.

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