Did Jesus know all things if he was the God-man?


Christian doctrine since the Council of Chalcedon is that Jesus Christ is fully human like us except in sin but is also fully God.  It is two natures in one person.  Logic says a person is a nature so there is a contradiction there.  The Church uses the cop-out that it is a mystery.  2 and 2 being 10 could be called a mystery too!

How did the Chalcedon Christ have human knowledge and divine knowledge? Did he know everything? Could he have been God if his knowledge was limited?

If this Christ was fully God then he had to know everything and if he was fully man he was not conscious of knowing everything and had to gain knowledge like the rest of us. But then he would not be one person in any concrete sense. God knows everything. God is infinite partless power and so he is the power to know all things and the power knowing all things. If Jesus did not have this power then he was not God. Perhaps it was latent in him? But that would mean he was unconscious of his divine knowledge and did not have the same consciousness as God and therefore was not God.

Jesus said that before Abraham was I AM. In timelessness there is just a present moment but it never passes and there was no moment before and you can see all time from it and there is no moment after. It’s static. Jesus may be hinting that he is already saved though not physically or visibly exalted yet. He may be claiming to be connected to the eternal which means he knows everything but does not necessarily mean he is God but just a being that has been made able to perceive the timeless state.
Jesus said that nobody knew the day or the hour of the Day of Judgment but the Father. He said that he didn’t know.

Catholics reply that Jesus had the divine knowledge and natural knowledge gained from the natural world the natural way. They say that Jesus did know when it would happen but when he said he didn’t he only meant that he could not tell from nature when it would occur. This is a truly astonishing and ridiculous “solution”.

Most scholars today explain that the word for know that Jesus was using means to make known, here. So Jesus said that regarding the Day of Judgment that the angels wouldn’t make it known to us or the Son of Man but only the Father.

But he said that the Father would never make it known to us for the day would come as a complete shock so know just means know. The Christian understanding of know must be wrong. The gospeller did not mean by it what they say he did mean even if that is what the word usually means. When it could mean know in the simple sense of the word which is simply that Jesus didn’t know then it does. Take the simple meaning.

Jesus was ignorant concerning the time of the second coming.

Some Catholics say that Jesus was only saying that he did not know because “I don’t know” is just a way of saying I am not going to tell. But nobody was forcing him to give an answer so this was not justified and could easily have led people astray. If he meant he was not going to tell all he had to do was say, “That is not for you to know”. Simple.

John 11:34 says that Jesus did not know everything.

Christians say that it is okay for though Jesus was God he was also man. But, for Christians, that would seem to mean at the least that though Jesus was not conscious of everything that he knew everything he needed to know and so did not need to ask questions. How then could he have increased in wisdom as Luke says? A child learns what to ask and what to learn by getting involved in the world. Jesus was the same even if he was God.

Hebrews 2 says that Jesus had to live like an ordinary man to be compassionate which would not be true if he were God who knows all things and to be compassionate and whose compassion is all over the Old and New Testaments. The gist of this is that Jesus had to be ordinary and so his miracles are excluded. The author of Hebrews made record that Jesus was not a miracle-worker. A miracle-worker would have no need for the pain of compassion. All he would have to do is just snap his fingers and the suffering he sees would not get a chance to bother him. If God sends suffering for a purpose compassion is evil because it is thinking of the suffering as if it should not happen which insults God. The New Testament would not admit this but nevertheless if Jesus was compassionate as it says then he couldn’t have been God and indeed there could have been no God for him to have been! If Jesus was God he could not sin and so he could not really be tempted. The idea of Jesus and God having compassion which we have in the Bible suggests that the free will defence (the doctrine that human misuse of free will not God is to blame for evil) works and means they can be sorry to see suffering for it is man’s doing not theirs. But the free will defence fails (eg it is hypocrisy to argue that suffering is brought on ourselves by abuse of free will when animal suffer to and they supposedly don't have free will) and even the Bible frequently challenges it.

To dare to say you are God would entail having to claim to know what God knows for when you claim to be the supreme being you need supreme proof to match and justify the claim. If Jesus claimed to be God then it follows that if this claim was true he had to be sure that it was not some delusion. The only way he could be sure is if he knew all that God knew. He had to be all-knowing. Jesus knew everything as a man that he knew as God. This means that Jesus has no relevance to us in our daily lives. He was not a role-model for us for he was so different. A Jesus who knows all is impossible to believe in for that is such a far-fetched claim. Thankfully, it would put people off Christianity especially when there is no example of this supernatural omniscience in the New Testament. For Christians to claim that Jesus is God springs from their arrogance and selfishness because they themselves would need to know as much as God to have the right to say that. When Jesus needed omniscience to justify claiming to be God it follows that his followers need it to justify believing Jesus. The doctrine of the deity of Jesus is a scandal, superstition and a mockery of faith in God.
There is a word for people who claim to be the all-knowing God and who give no example or proof of this knowledge. Miracles will not do because they don’t prove supernatural omniscience. I mean a miracle of healing cancer only demands that the being doing the miracle have enough power to do that so he need not be almighty. The word is this: INSANE.
The Christ of Chalcedon seems more like a self-made schizophrenic or a self-made freak than a person to be honoured.

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