The Catholic Church claims that the main thing about the Mass is that it is a sacrifice. The Church is clear that it does exactly what the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross for our sins did - paid for them and atoned them and took them away. The Mass then is a sacrifice to God for sinners to pay for sin. It settles a debt to divine punitive justice. The Church says that when you are at Mass the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary is made fully present so that in a sense you are on Calvary.
The Church is clear that the Mass is a real sacrifice and is in no way different (except in the way it looks) from the sacrifice Jesus made of himself on the cross. The Council of Trent infallibly decreed at Session 22: “If anyone says that in the Mass a true and proper sacrifice is not offered to God or that that which is to be offered is nothing else but what Christ has given us to eat let him be accursed” – Canon 1.
“If anyone says that the sacrifice of the Mass is merely a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving or that it is a bare remembrance of the sacrifice completed on the cross but is not a propitiatory sacrifice or that it profits only him who receives and that it ought not to be offered on behalf of the living and the dead for sins, sufferings and satisfactions and other necessities let him be accursed” – Canon 3.
The Mass is supposed to be one and the same sacrifice as the one Christ made when he became a human sacrifice on the cross of Calvary to pay for our sins to God. It neither adds to Calvary or takes away from it. It is the sacrifice of Jesus made present to us on the altar though the bread and wine have not become the suffering Christ but the resurrected and glorious Jesus. In the Mass, Jesus is both victim and priest. He offers himself to God and the priest and the people offer him for he died for them. The Mass is not a new sacrifice of Christ but the same sacrifice. The sacrifice of Calvary is perpetuated or made present again to the congregation.
This is Catholic teaching, "God is outside time so the past present and future are all as one before him. To us they are separate for we live in time. God doesn’t have time, he has eternity or timelessness.  The idea is that God is outside of time and lives in a present for which there is no past or future. So all time is present to him and he sees our past and present and future as if they are all happening at the one time. So the sacrifice of the cross is happening now for him though it happened in the past for us. With us, things are past. With God they are ever present "
Most Catholic scholars say that the fact that the sacrifice of the cross is present in eternity meaning it is happening now in eternity before God is how the Mass is able to be a sacrifice (page 9-12, The Mass, Sacrifice and Sacrament).
Catholic scholars say, “Protestants fail to recognise that when God is outside time all events are present to him. They don’t realise that from the perspective of eternity the sacrifice of Jesus is always present or happening, so to speak, before God. Thus they believe like us Catholics that this sacrifice can be present to us today. The Protestants can’t understand how the Mass could be the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and not a new sacrifice when the Bible says that Jesus died once for all (Hebrews 10), cannot die anymore (Romans 6:9), cannot suffer anymore (Rev 21:4) but they should. The doctrine of some Protestants that we try to kill Jesus all over again on the altar and that we repeat Calvary’s sacrifice is a calumny.”
But they show they don’t believe this at all by saying that the sacrifice is made present at Mass. How can it be made present when it is present anyway? If their explanation of how the Mass is the same as Calvary works then the sacrifice is present even when you are at work or drying the dishes. It is present wherever God is and God is everywhere.
How can you say the Mass is a real sacrifice when the sacrifice is present at all times and places anyway? Why not say bingo or a prayer meeting is a real sacrifice and is the sacrifice of the cross?
The explanation from the perspective of timelessness means there is nothing unique about the Mass for the sacrifice is happening all the time. Yet the Church proves it does not believe in the explanation at all when it teaches that the sacrifice of the cross becomes present when the priest turns the bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Something sinister is being covered up which indicates that the Church seeks to hide the fact that she is trying to murder Jesus as the Jews did, during her Masses.
The explanation that all time is one with God and that all things happen at the one time for him who lives beyond the past and future is no good to the ordinary person and indeed to most priests. It is so abstract and strange to them that they will not absorb it. They will not understand it and suspect that it makes no sense. As far as they are concerned, Jesus really is being murdered on the altar afresh. A religion that has sound teaching but which is not able to reach the people with it as it's too out of sync with their experience that time passes, is making idolaters of the people. The ordinary Catholic has no idea what eternity means and thus can only see the Mass as murdering Jesus all over again rather than making the original murder present. The measure of good religion is not in its teaching or what it says people must do but in what it inspires people to do. Catholicism only leads to idolatry and those who like the Mass are really liking killing Jesus all over again. That is their intention.
The Catholics call their ministers who celebrate the Mass priests in view of the fact that they are ordained to make the sacrifice present and offer it to God. If the sacrifice is present already then there are no priests in the Church. A priest kills the sacrifice. If Catholic priests don't do that then they are not priests. The Bible never mentions ministerial priests in the New Testament Church. The research of Father Raymond Brown has shown that the concept of Christian ministerial priests is unbiblical. Also please read Papal Sin, Structures of Deceit, Garry Wills, Darton Longman and Todd, London, 2000 which has some material based on his findings. The Bible merely says that all believers are priests. The Bible says our sin killed Jesus on the cross and put him there. He had to suffer to atone for them and wipe them away. Thus we are all priests for as sinners we kill the victim. Catholic priests are not called priests in that sense at all.
The Sacrifice of the Mass cannot be unique if the explanation is accepted. It must be present to God all the time for when God can see the future all time must make one timeless “moment” in eternity and so we can say at any moment that it is present and offer it to God. Thus the Mass is always going on and is not limited to a Catholic Mass. Jesus is offering himself everywhere and at all times and doing it without priests and altars and bread and wine. This makes it blasphemous of those Catholics who say we must go to Mass to offer sacrifice for that is wrong. Yet they must say this for their Church infallibly teaches that going to a prayer service on Sunday does not fulfil the Sunday obligation to worship God by offering sacrifice. This can only be fulfilled by going to Mass. The Church does not oblige you to receive communion every Sunday but it obliges you to hear Mass for the Mass is the sacrifice of the cross. So it is the sacrifice that is most important.
Even if the sacrifice were perpetuated only and exclusively at Mass we could offer it to God without being in the church at all. So though Jesus sits in Heaven now his passion and death are still real to God and are still present to him.
Some say that when Mass is celebrated, it is the same sacrifice as Calvary in the sense that Jesus offers it to God in a retrospective way. So the sacrifice doesn’t become present but Jesus just offers what he did in the past on the cross in the Mass. In that case, the Mass is not a sacrifice. They are denying what the Council of Trent said about the Mass making the sacrifice of Calvary present. You cannot offer your goat to God in sacrifice and offer it again in a prayer service a year later and say that it’s the same sacrifice. You are offering in the prayer service a sacrifice that is in the past and finished. Sacrifice involves causing suffering and bloodshed and you don’t do that in the prayer service.
There is only one possibility. We know that the timeless theory is the only way to explain how the Mass can be the same as Calvary without re-crucifying Jesus but the Church cannot really believe it for it claims that the Mass is uniquely sacrificial.
Also, it is Church teaching that the bread becomes the body of Christ when the priest says, "This is my body." The wine becomes the blood when the priest says. "This is my blood" a few moments later. The Church teaches that there is NO sacrifice until the wine is changed! The argument from eternity would mean that when the bread is changed, the sacrifice is present. The Church does not really believe the argument - it is covering up an attempt to murder Jesus all over again.

In Jesus' culture, "Drink my blood" means take my life.  Jesus at least with the cup is being metaphorically murdered again at least.

The Protestants are right, the Mass is a NEW sacrifice. It is an attempt to kill Jesus all over again and shed his blood using bread and wine. The Mass is not the sacrifice of Calvary but an attempt to repeat Calvary in an invisible way. The Catholics then are trusting in the wrong sacrifice to take away sins and so cannot be counted as true Christians. The Mass is evil and is joining forces with those who put Jesus on the cross. It is extreme blasphemy.
God wrote in the Bible with Paul that if Jesus has not risen from the dead and saved us we are still in our sins (1 Corinthians 15). This denies that sincerely repenting and going to God is enough and he will have mercy for if you are sincerely wrong he will have nothing to do with you. So the wrong sacrifice means no mercy. Sincerely thinking it is the sacrifice of Christ makes no difference for if God won’t forgive you for sincerely thinking you are saved he will make no exceptions.
Priests have a responsibility to know what they mean by offering Mass and understanding it thoroughly. For any priest to be irresponsible and not bother means that he doesn’t care if he is trying to kill Jesus again and offer a fake sacrifice for sin and leave the people in their sins. Responsibility means trying to do the right thing and taking the consequences so it can’t be any other way.
The doctrine of the God who is outside time and to whom every moment of time is just all like its concurrent instead of past and future is stolen from Greek philosophy. There is no evidence that this is the God of the Bible. Thus biblically, offering the Mass is attempting to murder Jesus Christ - again!

The Church curses anybody who works out the truth about the Mass. It curses people over ideas that are incoherent and silly. It will not repent for its serious insult to them.

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