In Response to a comment on an Article Called The Josiah Effect which argues that the Bible God urges violence

"I would argue that every philosophy and religion is capable of being perverted and twisted to conform to whatever a person or group chooses. Nearly every religion and philosophy the world has known has been used for nefarious purposes." You are saying religion is always good and the problem is it is being abused. That is rubbish. Even the Bible admits religion is not all good or necessarily good because man is not all good. So the Bible condemns man-made religion. It claims to give you the one true religion, Christianity. People who say religion is always good are absurdly indicating that it is as good to worship your garden gnome as it is God. All religions are not the same or equally good. And people who say that religion is always good are encouraging say Islamists not to apologise for what crimes some Islamists do in the name of religion, "It is nothing to do with our faith so we will not apologise." Sorry but the murders done by Christianity and Islam show that as no other religion was even half as bad that there is something harmful in those faiths that produces some terrorists. A religion can make some people terrorists without it being clear how. That is enough to discourage the religion through educating the members and supporting them if they choose to do the right thing and quit. Saying things like Christian or Muslim violence has nothing to do with the Christian or Muslim religion denies that it does have something to do with religion. Not all of them are terrorists but faith has a role to play in turning some people into terrorists. Believers who are not terrorists are indirectly accomplices in the sense that faith can have a bad effect on some normal people. Do not insult mentally ill people by saying all terrorists are mentally ill and would still be bad without religion. The terrorism does not represent all the religion unless it is clearly scriptural but what does represent the religion is how it is a flowerbed that grows some gross flowers.

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