Jesus the Jew
"Jesus observed all of the [Jewish] Law" Dave Armstrong, The One Minute Apologist, Sophia Institute Press, Manchester, New Hampshire, 2007
Whether he existed or not, the New Testament generally presents Jesus as a true religious Jew and racially Jewish.
Some say the New Testament cannot be anti-Semitic because it says he was a Jew and his disciples were Jews as well. But a Protestant can be nice to one or two Catholics he likes and still be anti-Catholic. And anti-Semitists and anti-Catholics will all differ in the strength of their prejudice and the reasons for the hate.
Whoever wrote the John gospel speaks of the Jews as if he is not Jewish himself. He distances himself from Judaism. (John 2:13, 6:4, 11:55, John 2:6, John 5:1, John 7:2, John 19:42, John 19:40).
Jesus tells the Jews that the Law of God is “your Law” (John 7:19, 8:17, 10:34). Circumcision is said to be “your circumcision” (John 7:22). Abraham is “your father” (John 8:56).  That may reflect an anti-Semitic attempt to distance Jesus from what he truly was - a Jew.
Though Jesus is called a Jew by the Samaritan woman and by Pilate, Jesus does not say he approves. And it may mean social Jew or of Jewish background as opposed to being a Jew as in religionist.  Or it could be Jew as in religionist only.
John's gospel has a Jesus who continually set out to offend the faith of the Jews and their leaders.
He does say however that salvation is from the Jews and not the Samaritans.  To say salvation is found only in a faith that worships a God who orders people to be stoned to death is obscene.

Jesus Christ was circumcised when he was a baby. If he was sent into the world then God wanted him to take this sign that he was to follow the Law of Moses, the teaching of the first five books of the Bible. Once you are circumcised you have to obey all the precepts of the Law or Torah (Galatians 5:3). Even more so if you are the Son of God for God could have arranged for some mistake to be made so that you ended up uncircumcised if he did not want it. Even if Jesus did not choose beforehand to be a Jew he claimed he did afterwards meaning that he would have chosen it if he could have. So he is still as bad as ever.

Jesus said that not a word would pass away from the Old Testament until it is all fulfilled implying that God must have been its author for God knows all things and nobody can defeat God who is all-powerful.

Jesus said that Judaism was the true religion (John 4:22,23) and he told Law-keepers that they were the light of the world approving of their obedience (Matthew 5). He quoted the Bible against the Devil (Luke 4).

Jesus said that the Law was the word of God for it is about love and God is loving. He said that anybody who dropped one commandment from it would not be honoured in his Father’s kingdom. There is nothing in the New Testament whatsoever to prove that Jesus cancelled the Law or anything in it.

It does not matter if he did cancel them for he had made it clear that he wished people to believe that these laws were right before he changed them. He still wanted people to believe that there was nothing wrong in principle with a God who wants them to stone people to death for sins like adultery and so on. He still wanted the acceptance of fanaticism and murder to be part of their faith.

Jesus sang the Psalms which praised the Law in the Synagogue. Going to the synagogue meant one accepted the Jewish scriptures for the service honoured scripture and preached it. Jesus taught that one should not be afraid to speak out for the truth so his silence in the Synagogue proves he wanted the people to believe in the Law and the Prophets.

Paul said that Jesus was born under the Law (Galatians 4:4). Jesus died to deliver us from the curse of the Law not because the Law was wrong but because it was right (Romans 7:7,10). In other words, the Law is a curse only to those who cannot keep all of it and Jesus came to demonstrate that it is fair and to prevent it from being a curse to us (Galatians 3:13). So, the majority of the early Christians held that Jesus did not pick out bits of the Law that he liked and discard the rest like Christians deceitfully do but accepted and cherished the whole lot.

The Laws are inhuman.

The Law tolerates the murdering of a person for manslaughter under strict conditions (Numbers 35). But if persons should be safe like the Law says then persons are precious and should not be killed. Nobody can deny that it is immoral if morality exists.

God permits parents to have their sons put to death by stoning in Deuteronomy 21. If the boys are stubbornly disobedient and fond of stuffing themselves and of strong drink, parents are given the right to have them killed. The parents must agree that this is the right course and are the only plaintiffs allowed. When satisfied that the parents are telling the truth the authorities consent to the execution. The law does not say that the authorities have the right to refuse so they don’t. It is plain that there was no need for killing them so this law permits the needless killing of bothersome male children. It is not just for deterring other children though that is one of the reasons. Deterrence alone wouldn’t justify this. It is not the just penalty for high treason for it was left up to the parents to decide if or when they would have their son done in. God does not say how bad the lad has to be before it was permissible to end his life. He would have done if he wanted only all those who were guilty of high treason put to death. He is just saying that it is just for parents to have their sons killed if they want rid of them.

Christians often condemn this awful law and manage to say that it is inspired for there is no record of anyone dying because of it. That does not prove that the law was ignored. The Torah was not written to tell us about how and when it was carried out. And ignored or not it says that such killing is just so none can condemn it and maintain that it is inspired.

To say that scriptures which commanded the cruel and slow killing of homosexuals, adulterers and apostates are the word of God shows that you are using religion to inflict malice and/or stupidity on other people. It is said that such sins were high treason which justified their price which was stoning to death. That is an excuse. There was no need to kill them. And it is obvious that it is an excuse. Jesus may not have lifted a stone to kill anybody but in will and intent he was a murderer and a sadist.

Jesus was heartily praised the cruel demands of the Law of Moses. He was not the “King of Love”.

Jesus made it clear that he was to be judged in accordance with the Mosiac Law for it was his precursor and background and so if it condemns him he is to be rejected (Luke 24:44-46; Matthew 5:17,18). Christians forget this. They judge Jesus by their own modern standards which includes such nonsense that capital punishment is contrary to the gospel. The gospel at most does not condemn it and the evidence that it wants it continued under the decrees of the Law of Moses is overwhelming.

Jesus Christ was a fraud for he acclaimed the draconian and errant ways of Moses and had been a Jew who cherished the Law.

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