When the Catholic Church is so big and Churches like the Orthodox Churches of the east and many forms of Anglicanism are Catholic and the Bible says we must expect Jesus back anytime that is a warning bell because the Bible tells us that a huge apostasy must happen before Christ can return. Jesus said that we must be ready at all times for the Son of Man will return when we least expect it. These Churches because of their immense size must be apostate.

Roman Catholicism is not apostolic or built on the foundation of the apostles but is apostate. Any religion that claims to be apostolic condemns itself just by making that claim because it can’t be built on the apostles but on what people have said the apostles taught. The difference is huge.
Jesus once wondered if there would be any faith on earth when he came back.

It is significant that the gospel of Mark - chapter 16 - has the risen Jesus promise signs that will follow believers which are listed as the gift of tongues, the power to handle snakes safely and be immune to poison and cure the sick but they are absent which must indicate that today's Christians are not true believers. If Jesus is the real deal it does not mean that Christianity is the real deal.
Jesus told the Jews that if he alone says he is the Son of God and the mouthpiece of God his testimony is invalid so he cited John the Baptist's testimony. Jesus says he cites it not that he accepts human testimony but that the people may be saved (John 5:31-33). He didn't regard his own disciples who supposedly witnessed his miracles as any good for providing testimony. That is significant. And it is dishonest to say, "This testimony is human and its no good but I will quote it anyway to save you." Mercenary! Anyway Jesus was asserting that real followers were nearly impossible to come by! He even said that the Jews did not have the love of God in them! That is very strong! We would expect him to say that they didn't have much love for God in them but he says they didn't love God at all!
Matthew says that a man asked Jesus to tell him the way to eternal life. The man called him good teacher. Matthew says Jesus retorted, "Why do you ask me about what is good? Only God is good!" Jesus meant that there would be a very very powerful tendency in humankind to distort God and God's ways. He was stern. The Churches say he didn't like the man calling him good because it implied that he was just a man who really cares and can teach what is good in spiritual affairs. They say he was being approached as good in the human sense and he didn't like that. They say he wanted to be called not good in the way a man can be good but good in the way God is good. The alternative is to say that Jesus denied he was good and so that he was God - the Churches of course reject that interpretation. If Jesus didn't like being called good in the human sense, he must expect us to hate being called good or thought good or relied on as an authority for knowing what good is. If he couldn't stand it and he was the Son of God, then we who are not like him should find it even more intolerable than he did! If the Church interpretation was right, then Jesus was indicating that it is dangerous to treat any man as an authority on God or God's ways. He was saying grave apostasy would be inevitable and most would go for it. Of course the Church ignores the logical conclusion of its interpretation!
Jesus said that the way to damnation is wide and the way to salvation is narrow and that many would try to enter the narrow gate and not be able. You are not really trying to enter if you are bent on rejecting God’s ways so Jesus is saying that you can try and still not get in because you are in the wrong religion. An all-powerful God could arrange things in such a way that most will have the truth or enough of the truth so God must want most people to be in error. God could have made all people believe that they have been born Catholics even if they have not been for he is almighty and lets us be deluded anyway. Thus, he is antichrist and anti-religion.
Jesus said in Matthew 12 that if a demon leaves the body of a man and the man stays evil that he will come back with more demons after wandering the earth looking for a place to stay and it is like this with his generation. Clearly there was no scarcity of people fit for possession when the whole generation was evil and in danger of possession. They must have been very evil indeed. Jesus talks as if the demons go looking to live in somebody worse and if they find none they go back to the man they left and recommend that other demons join them so the man ends up worse than at the beginning. So Jesus is saying the evil will get worse and worse and worse. When the Jewish leaders said he was casting out demons by the power of the prince of devils Jesus replied that if the prince does that his kingdom will fall down. So Satan needs to possess to have a kingdom and the Bible describes him as king of the world and the god of this world. So he must possess most people.
Demons have the destruction of the truth brought by Jesus as their supreme goal therefore Christianity would be apostate with only a handful of true believers if any. Demons have no need to dwell inside anybody for tempting is enough unless they are planning supernatural fraud and to make the person see false visions and to give the person delusional experiences of God. Not many visions are reported so the latter is what they are up to.

The Catholic claim that Protestantism is a hoax for it was not known before the Reformation would prove nothing even if it were correct for Jesus could preserve enough truth so that some could get saved by faith alone by accident.


The book of Revelation speaks of complete or near-complete departure from the genuine Christian faith.  When Jesus comes back it says no tribe will be happy to see him and speaks of two witnesses as if there is nobody else.  This book claims to have been directed by Jesus who agrees with its teaching.

The Bible says Christianity as it came from Christ has vanished from the earth.   Christianity is not a religion but is Jesus meaning that if the Church fails that is its problem and the members not his.

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