Jesus we are told never wrote anything. But the homophobic Book of Revelation says he dictated aggressive threatening letters to various churches to its author. These letters were sent to them. The book gives the letters as direct speech from Jesus.

Plus Paul claimed to meet him regularly in visions to learn his anti-woman and anti-gay and anti-lesbian and anti-Semitist gospel from him! Paul said he went to the highest heaven to learn all this stuff.

One reason fake Christians like to think Jesus wrote nothing is that they want to be able to dismiss his ethical teachings when they don't like them. If a gospel says Jesus opposes sex outside marriage they want to invalidate that.

Matthew frames Jesus as a new Moses. The Old Testament has its writers claiming to record the exact speech of God to Moses. We can assume that Matthew is claiming the same power with regard to Jesus.

The gospels stress that Jesus taught the apostles everything and answered all their questions. That means he did condemn homosexuality as history shows Christians historically never condoned the sex.

The Gospel of Luke claims to be continued in the Book of Acts. It is like one gospel and two sections and Jesus is presented in Acts as appearing to the apostles and to Paul particularly and guiding him. It is insane to say, "I will just take the gospel seriously." It cannot be done. Acts comes with the package.

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