Jesus Was a Liar
The four Gospels tell us a pack of lies about Jesus. If this man really lived then they accuse him of being a liar. The Church finds that truth very offensive. Yet one wonders how it could when it says Jesus is God and God stands by and lets people lie so he is lying himself by proxy!
Christians say that the four gospels show that Jesus, unique among men, never ever lied not even in the smallest thing. If that is true then he would have been crucified and loathed before he even started his ministry. A person cannot be totally honest without being brutally honest. A brutally honest man cannot gain the esteem of the populace. People may say they hate liars but what they hate more is people who refuse to tell them certain lies tailored to make them feel good about themselves and their lives. So it is not liars that bother people but the sort of lies that are told. Jesus had to have been a liar the same as the rest of us (including those of us who are fussy about being honest) if the gospels are telling the truth about his runaway popularity.
Now four short books, the gospels, that are not even concerned very much with proving Jesus' truthfulness cannot be put forward as evidence of the stupendous miracle of a man who lived to his thirties and who never ever told the least lie. You need a lot of evidence and investigation and combing through testimonies and so on to verify something like that. Yet this miracle is far more important than his big super miracle the resurrection. Christians say the resurrection of Jesus was part of our salvation and that we would still be in our sins if it hadn't happened. The resurrection of God made man or the Son of God would be the most important miracle of all time. But it means nothing if the man was not who he said he was and was not like God who cannot lie. There were people watched more closely than Jesus like Teresa Neumann who claimed to experience the miracle of not eating for years and was never caught out on any deception. Yet we know she was eating for she put on weight and needed to sit on a toilet like everybody else! So why should we believe Jesus never lied when he wasn't observed properly?

If Jesus was the perfect revelation of God and the Son of God like the Bible and the Church say he had to be incapable of lying for God could have arranged things so that his son would never have to lie.

If Jesus was God then he could not lie for God cannot lie (Numbers 23:19; Deuteronomy 18; John 17:17). On the authority of St Paul, who was the Christian whose writings were closest to the ministry of Jesus, we were informed that Jesus’ God does not permit lying – even when it is clever lies designed to bring a soul to salvation that will never be found out (Romans 3:7). God is without parts so he is what he does so if he is truthfulness he cannot lie for then he would be part liar and part truth.

If the Son of God lied then he was evil for God was not with him but the Devil was. For a liar to say that those who oppose him would and should rot in Hell forever would be most vile.

If Jesus lied his close friends, the apostles especially, would have known it. They preached that he was all-truthful so they would have been liars. If the New Testament is derived from the apostles’ teaching as it says, it is not from God if these people were liars for we have to depend on it to give us evidence about Jesus and can’t. It would then be sinful to believe that Jesus had a mission from God for it is the vice of credulity to believe in supernatural tales coming from an unreliable source.

Jesus said that people who lie in small things should not be trusted in greater and people who lie in big things should not be trusted in small. See Luke 16:10. (One wonders then how anybody could trust the gospels for they might simply have left out the lies Jesus told.) We must remember that the religious experts of the day regarded Jesus as a liar. Christianity asks us to take the word of a few poorly educated men that he was not in the face of witnesses of the highest calibre and who were trained in discernment.

It would be no excuse to say that if Jesus lied it was for a purpose for the gospels would have to tell us when he lied and why so that we could trust him the rest of the time. They did not so they are saying he lied for nothing but sheer malice if he lied.

If Jesus lied he was not God for God cannot contradict himself for he is perfect (Matthew 5:48) and all-powerful (Matthew 17:20). If he was the Son of God then he had to be better than all the prophets. If they never preached error while claiming to use their prophetic gift he had to be better: absolutely reliable. If Jesus ever stated a religious error was true then he was not the Son of God.

Errors slander those who see them for what they are. God could not let his Son err if he could not let him lie. Also, if Jesus could err he knew it so if we can find errors in his teaching it means he was a fraud for claiming to be an infallible prophet.

If Jesus lied then what right had he to say in the Sermon on the Mount that we should not need to swear for we should be so truthful meaning that we should never lie even for a good or extreme reason? This is the doctrine that makes wars and breaks up families. It would be extremely evil if he lied after teaching that.

Jesus told more lies and made more errors than enough.   There is much more than what is covered here. 

Christians offer us a Jesus who is untrustworthy to be our God. It is a religion of deceit. The deceit must stop. People are dedicating their lives and money to error.  Jesus the liar can only be upheld by churches that continue the lying for him and justify his lies.

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