Jesus Christ was a False Prophet for he told lies about when he would return again

Jesus Christ, the assumed founder of Christianity, is believed by that religion to be more than just a prophet of God but God himself. Because he was God, Jesus knew all things and could see events in the future before they happened.
Let us assume Jesus existed.
Jesus claimed that he could see into the future and reveal events that have not happened yet.
Jesus said that the Law of Moses was infallible scripture without error and that the Bible stories of Adam and Eve and Jonah eaten up by the big fish and the flood are all true.
We know today they are not. A prophet who is wrong about the past is worse than one that is wrong about the future. Jesus had a mean streak praising the Law for it was a cruel Law.
Jesus had no pre-vision of the future at all. He prayed that there would be one flock and one shepherd when he would fetch his other sheep which was an absolute impossibility with the lack of clarity and lack of coherence in the Bible and conflicting tradition so he couldn’t expect much more than a fragmented flock. He also said that his words would not pass away though heaven and earth could. But there is nothing impressive about his words and many times he is ambiguous so why would God be that keen to preserve his words? The apostles had to decide the theology of the Church not him and do the spin-doctoring so he could have been the dumbest guy ever. Dumb or whatever, he was certainly arrogant.

In Deuteronomy 18, God says that even if a prophet is always right except in one instance that prophet is a fake for God is never wrong. Such a prophet had to be put to death by stoning.

Israel had seen plenty of false prophets throughout its long history. In Jesus Christ it saw another.

Christianity following the gospels believes the Son of God became a man and this coming was the first coming and the second coming is when he returns to judge the world and will be seen by all.
Jesus was a false prophet for he promised to visibly return on the clouds of Heaven like a god in the first century and did not.
Jesus was asked by his apostles when the end of the age would come and when he would return to the earth. The disciples asked Jesus to list the signs that would herald that the second coming was imminent. He prophesied that Jerusalem would be destroyed and the sun and moon would turn black and that the stars would drop out of the sky when he is as near as “someone at the door” (Matthew 24:36, 42-44).
To say as Christians do that he was only predicting the destruction of Jerusalem not the end of the world when his second coming would take place would be to say he never answered this question. But if the gospellers really thought that they would have left the question out and what Jesus said. They were editing after all. Plus Jesus did answer the question because he said that the signs would indicate the end of the world and his coming like you can tell when summer is near from a fig tree.
Some even say that the prophecy meant the invisible coming of Christ and the start of a new era with the end of the old on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came down on the Church and the Church was founded properly. But that contradicts what Jesus said and there is no evidence for it in the Bible. Pentecost was presented as the coming of the Holy Spirit not Jesus.

Some feel that as the Old Testament prophets predicted the day of the Lord being imminent when they clearly visualised it being some time off that Jesus was the same.  But all those prophets made their warning conditional on enough people repenting.  Jesus did not.  He was clear that the response to his message was terrible.  We are told that Jesus gave a lot of teaching showing that he expected people to be around long enough to live it.  This is not true either as Mark the earliest gospel and arguably the most accurate gives no hint of Jesus warning people to be practical.  And Matthew and Luke give loads of unrealistic teachings that only make sense if the world is about to go up in smoke.

A growing number of Christians believe that Jesus meant all this stuff about the imminence literally (, Was Jesus Christ a False Prophet?). They point to Romans 13:12 which says the night is nearly over and the day is nearly there meaning the day of the start of the kingdom. Hebrews 10 says Jesus is coming in a little while and uses the same word that appears in John 14:19 for a short time showing it means what it says. John 12:31 has Jesus saying the world will be judged NOW and uses the Greek word nun which means immediately or presently. Another word Mello which means about to happen is used several times in relation to the imminence of the coming of the kingdom. The word appears in reference to other things (Acts 18:14; Acts 28:6) and in contexts that show it means what it says. The Bible never uses it any other way. The New Testament says a few times that the kingdom will come as in tachos meaning a little while. 1 John 2:17-18 says it is the last hour.

The Christian solution to this false prophecy is that the kingdom is a spiritual or perhaps invisible kingdom of God on the basis of Jesus saying his kingdom was not one of this world (John 18:36). But that was not the same as meaning it was just a spiritual kingdom. At that time Jesus had no earthly kingdom but was ruler in Heaven and it could be that when this kingdom comes to earth the present political systems have to be taken away and a new one under Jesus set up. Luke 17:20 may have Jesus saying that the kingdom of God is not to be seen by signs but is already among you but that does not mean the kingdom is just spiritual either. It only means that you have to break with all that is not in accordance with the kingdom so that you are part of the kingdom and living in it before it is politically set up. He wants people to join the kingdom now instead of holding on until signs come and the visible one is set up. So the Christians give a solution that is not in the Bible! Jesus was a false prophet. Also, if they really believe Jesus said it was just a spiritual kingdom then how do they explain the New Testament saying this kingdom was imminent for when it was spiritual it had to have been already there and Jesus had been declaring people members of the kingdom? They cannot and hopelessly contradict themselves. Plus their interpretation ignores the fact that Jesus said that signs in the sun and moon and stars and the visible coming of the Son of Man were imminent and heralded the coming of the kingdom and the end of the age meaning the end of the world.

Jesus said that the time was kept from all people and even that the angels of Heaven and strangest of all, even himself (Mark 13:32). He said only God knew.

So only God knows. Some say that knows here means to make known. Spin-doctor St Augustine of Hippo said that.
Jesus said in Matthew 24 that no one knows and in the next line he declared that this no one included earth people who could be completely surprised. It is twisting the text to say no one just means the people in Heaven for this is not likely.
Do you really think that with the angels being the perfect servants of God that Jesus would say the angels don’t know as in can’t make known but only God can? God will not make it known for Jesus said it was a shock and it will be sudden. There will be no warning. Augustine was lying because he was ashamed that a gospel said that Jesus didn’t know everything while the Church wanted him to be declared to be the all-knowing God.

Jesus thought that God did not trust him or the angels when he would tell them nothing or not let them tell if you accept Augustine’s bizarre claim about the word know.

God kept the exact time from humankind for people would not be afraid to wallow in sin if they knew the exact time (Matthew 25). The living will be judged according to the state they are in when it happens and won’t be able to change just like those who die in grace or sin will never change again. This is why sinners have to fear the second coming for it will fix their wills and put them in Hell forever. Otherwise, it wouldn’t for they could repent when they see Jesus floating on the clouds of Heaven speeding to the ground.

But if God hides the time for the sake of our morals then why did he tell us not to expect Christ until after the world has been evangelised? (Mark 13:10). This hasn’t happened yet and because of Islam which is impervious to Christian missionaries it won’t either for a long, long time. Jesus prophesied that God hid the time and then prophesied the opposite!

Jesus told his apostles that the generation they belonged to not a future one would see the signs he spoke of and watch him return (Mark 13:30). Jesus couldn’t have told them to watch for the signals without lying to them if he meant a future generation (Mark 13:35-37). He said “this generation” would see the signs. Cranks say he did not mean the apostles’ generation but the last one, the one that would see the signs! But they are denying the most likely meaning of the texts when you drop all preconceived ideas. Jesus spoke as if he meant the apostles’ generation so he did mean it. Christians will pervert the word of Jesus that they pretend to respect.

Other cranks say that the references to generation are not literal for when Jesus referred often to a wicked generation in several places (eg Matthew 17:17) that he meant unbelieving Israel of all time (page 65, Whatever Happened to Heaven?). In other words, he meant "this race" by "this generation". There is nothing in the expression or similar expression such as perverse generation or faithless generation that hints of that interpretation. Israel of all time is not a generation. His saying that the blood of the past martyrs will be required at the hands of the generation he was a part of allegedly backs up the non-literal interpretation of generation for the Jew’s of Jesus’ day alone could not be punished for that. But God cannot punish freely in this world because there are so many factors to take into consideration. He would have to let one generation of Israel off lightly and be harder on another though it is no worse depending on how it affects his divine plan.
Christian liar, the theologian, C. I. Schofield manipulated the Bible text. Where the gospel used genea, the word for generation, he lied that the word was genos which means race. Genea means the Jews who were on the planet with Jesus when he spoke - period.
Christians only come up with their outlandish explanations to cover up the fact that Jesus was proven to be wrong. Any fake could be declared a true prophet despite all his or her errors with manoeuvres like that.
In Mark 13, Jesus says that nation will rise against nation and there will be intolerable suffering – he means that there will be worse than ever before for he would look stupid if he just vaguely predicted wars and calamities for these will always be with us. And he told the apostles to look after themselves when they see this and that they will be beaten in the synagogues (v9). This proves he meant the men standing before him for what chance have modern Christians of being beaten in the synagogues? Synagogue was used to translate the Aramaic word, kenishta, which precisely meant the Jewish meeting-house (Synagogue, Bible Dictionary and Concordance, New American Bible).

In Luke, we read that Jesus said that he would come back on the clouds of Heaven and that the present generation would not pass away until it happened (Luke 21:31, 32). Christians say this was not that generation but the one that will see the signs that Jesus is returning. The context rules out this for it has Jesus telling his hearers to watch and not to corrupt themselves so that they will be ready. The verse before says, “When you see these things taking place, understand and know that the kingdom of God is at hand”. To say the you refers to us or some future generation is to torture the text. He said that he was revealing this so that it would be known that he was at the doors. This would not be the case if he meant a future generation. He meant the one he belonged to.  And we know that his generation did not see his return in glory.

Jesus said that when the world crisis that will take place before the end transpires that “you” must not be worried or scared for the end will not come yet (Luke 21:9). If Jesus had a future generation in mind this would mean nothing for the world has often been in grave trouble. He had to have been referring to some great upheaval that his listeners would see and understand when it came that this was it and which he was telling them was coming prior to the end. So are “you” suppose to know that the end time wars have started? The clue comes in his assertion that some of them will be killed before that happens. That alone can be the clue. The passage makes no sense as a warning unless it is clear when the end time wars have started. Therefore we see that when some of Jesus’ disciples in front of him and listening to him are persecuted and killed meaning the ones standing before him for disciples have been persecuted and killed every year since so you know who alone it can be we see that Jesus predicted the end of the world before the deaths of all the people living then. He proved to be a false prophet. The fact that the prophecy was not corrected properly when his prediction failed does not prove that the gospels had an early origin - but that either there were other copies in unknown locations and the Church was forced to decide to leave them as they were or that the gospels were so well hidden that even those who had access to them did not study and think about them thoroughly. The Christians have never thought much as their acceptance of the gospels proves.

In the middle of his guesses about the end-times, Jesus said that under the final persecution that his disciples must not prepare their defence beforehand for his Spirit would bestow an eloquence and a wisdom that nobody could contradict. This man taught a mysterious morality that conflicted with human reason so his promise that they would clear themselves from accusations of practicing an evil bigoted and wacky morality was false. Even Jesus’ basic moral doctrine, the command of forgiveness was evil not in itself but because it was part of a morality that would condemn gays for harmless sexual acts so it acts as an advertisement for Jesus and his eivl morality so it is fake forgiveness and an abomination. Jesus said elsewhere that they would be hated by all over him so his promise was not much good to them. The error proves that Jesus was a false prophet.

It is alleged that Josephus The Wars of the Jews written in 75 AD, in its Book 20, Chapter 8, Fifth Section, shows that Matthew 24 was entirely fulfilled. Josephus recorded a star looking like a sword that was evidently a comet for comets look like swords and visions of chariots and soldiers appearing in the clouds and earthquakes and noises and lights appearing around the Temple and its altar. Though nothing Josephus wrote makes much of a fulfilment of what Jesus said and Jesus did not come again as soon as the signs were past like Matthew 24 predicts it indicates that Josephus influenced the gospels so they all appeared after 75 AD. Perhaps the gospellers did believe the second coming took place then. If so they may have thought that only a few saw their Jesus. Perhaps only a few as well knew of his ministry on the earth since. Lots of people see visions in times of great persecution.

Jesus claimed he spoke plainly.  His audience was made up of ordinary people.  Most of them were teenagers and young for people did not live long then.   Theologians coming along with complicated "explanations" to get around the problems of his predictions is simply unjust and disingenuous.   Jesus predicting that the end of the world was only days away was meant literally.

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