The New Testament says that God had a son called Jesus.  Jesus came from a virgin mother.  He died for sins and he rose again.  Christians are his body so they are to believe that he is with them as much as he would be if we could see him.  Jesus was the Messiah who managed to show his identity by doing miracles even raising the dead and casting out demons.

Jesus was regarded as healer - exorcism can be considered a form of healing. We do not know if Jesus regarded illness as real or as just a symptom of a form of possession. We don't know if his healings should be distinguished from exorcisms. There are stories of epileptics being treated by him as possessed just for falling. Jesus never sought out anybody to cure them despite his alleged compassion. No miracle was done unless somebody could know about it.

Worse, when dealing with lepers and mental illness not one thing is done or said by him to address the systemic problems that cause or spread these problems in the first place. What about people who crawled in agony out of their sick beds for help and he had already passed through the town? You need to keep looking at this through the big picture and it is not pretty. If a man treated sick people that way we would treat him as a narcissistic magician not as a truly good man. But Jesus gets a free pass to treat people like that and is worshipped as God for doing so. If people did not think they could get special treatment from Jesus that leaves others in want would they bother with him at all? Do they have the same kind of selfish faith that drove the pagans even to sacrifice their babies to their gods in the name of hope - a hope that wanted a magic advantage in a ruthless world? Already we have shown that if the stories about Jesus are true and demons are real that the heavy burden of proof to show that this man was truly innocent of being in league with evil forces and dark magic rests on the shoulder of the Christian. The Christian claims he was neither willingly or unwittingly evil. Making a claim is saying you have the duty to show why it is true. If they want the right to worship him they have to take the responsibilities that go with it as well and do the homework and show it to us.

The gospels speak of demons possessing people and of how they are powerful and of how Satan told Jesus he could give him the whole world if he wanted. They allege that Jesus forbade the demons to tell people who he was. Yet we read of occasions when he let them tell. Or you might think he could do nothing about it for despite what the gospels want you to think, Jesus was simply not stronger than them. Anyway Christians say we must agree that he was the strong one! If so then what was he up to? If he didn't want them to say he was God's holy one and God's son then why did he validate what they said by telling them off and throwing them out of the person which would only draw attention? If he had to do something he could have done it discreetly. He did not act like a sincere man. If Jesus' worst enemies broadcast his holiness are they really enemies or are they pretending?

Whether he could or could not stop them telling, they had a reason for promoting him. Interestingly the first entities to teach that Jesus is God's Son the Messiah, the first to preach Christianity, happen to be the evil spirits!

Jesus asked the demons questions.

Religions that believe in possessions and exorcisms say you need to test to make sure there really is a demon there. That is basically done by seeing if the entity knows things the victim would not know. The Old Testament has no exorcisms at all but its God condemns going to spirits with questions. Jesus undeniably was more a diviner and a wizard than anything else. Under God's law he had to be stoned to death and quickly too!

Did Jesus learn from demons how to create a successful religion?


Jesus said that a demon can be put out and return if the possessed person does not change his life and also bring its friends to live in the person and torment them so the demons are stronger than any human person. Paul calls Satan the god of this world as if Satan is hugely powerful. Given that Satan has power and we have to placate tyrants on earth at times and give in why aren’t we allowed to do that with Satan? Allowed or not we will try to stay on his good side! The Bible warns that he is very aggressive so surely it is unwise to mess with him? Christianity does not save you from the notion of gods and evil spirits that have to be appeased otherwise they will hurt you. No it gives you the gods who oppressed the pagans except it says the gods are not gods but demons. That hardly matters for the demons are gods to us for they know more than we do and have magical invisible powers.
Jesus Christ was supposedly an exorcist. He claimed that exorcisms have an apologetic significance. He alleged that exorcisms cannot be done by the Devil for Satan cannot put Satan out so they must be attributable only to God (Mark 3). This was a lie as we will soon see.

He was not interested in putting demons out at a distance and only bothered if there was an audience or somebody around to tell others he could eject demons. This was not about helping people but about show.

The demons are said to be terrified of him but if so why did they let the victim go to him and why did they not stay dormant when Jesus was there? Why did they even provoke?

Jesus whether you think he was God or not, was still an ordinary person and the Christians say his being God did not mean he didn't have his struggles with God. So he had to do what we would have to do. He commands prayer and fasting to get demons out of possessed people. Jesus himself though never prays or fasts to get demons out. He just orders them. That could be evidence that they were only pretending to go and he was playing along. What would you expect when his culture regarded many charlatans as talented exorcists! Yet he claims only God puts demons out! It was more complicated than that!
The Jews accused Jesus of being in league with evil spirits. They surmised or knew that he was what we now call a Satanist. A person who worships the fallen angel of Christian superstitionism who is now the king of the damned in the evil realm of Hell is a Satanist. Christians might faint at the thought that the gospellers used material that lets it slip that that was exactly what their icon Jesus was. The early Christians never denied the exorcisms and healings done by Jesus’ rivals like Apollonius but said they were of the Devil. The Jews said the same thing about the miracles of Jesus. The Christians say, "So they prove that Jesus did miracles though they falsely accuse him of using the Devil to do them. At least it is proof that the miracle tales are true." It is dishonest to say the Jews could assess that the miracles were real but their assessment of the cause was incorrect. They were in the best position to judge for they were there. Also the Christian's logic would mean that all the other Messiahs of the time who were accused of doing miracles by the power of the Devil must have done real miracles too (Kooks and Quacks of the Roman Empire ON THE INTERNET). And they deny that. If anybody can do miracles then it follows that we may as well believe in one of these miracle workers instead of Jesus.
Jesus said that to say he cast out devils by the devil’s power was to commit an unforgiveable sin even though the Jewish leaders that said that were sincere. He never said they were saying it for malice and if it had been malice why did he bother trying to refute them by saying it had to be wrong?
Jesus said that demons leaving was proof that the devil was not casting them out. In saying that he shot himself in the foot. It does not follow that if a demon leaves that Satan is done any harm. Satan can move demons to new territory. The gospels do not record that Jesus was told that though he would have been!
Jesus did exorcisms to get people to believe in him alone forgetting that he wasn’t the only one that claimed such powers and forgetting that other rival exorcists had followers who swore their methods were effective. Evidently, we are not allowed to even think or know that exorcisms happen outside the Jesus context. Or we are to attribute them to the Devil and thus commit the unforgiveable sin?
It is the Christians not the Jews who are guilty of the permanent sin. They say that Spiritualists who get rid of evil spirits by doing rescue work as they call it and Mormons who cast out demons in the name of another Jesus and Buddhists who cast out demons too are all doing it by the Devil’s power. They see good being done and they say its Satan who is doing it. They do to those people what the Jews did to Jesus.
When Jesus told the demons to leave their hosts it was as if it was up to them if they wanted to go. You don’t tell a burglar to get out when you can press a button that can make some machine suck him out of the house and dump him outside. When the demons freely obeyed Jesus he was as much a demon as they were. Not one account speaks of Jesus forcing the demons out.

When the seventy-two men Jesus sent out to exorcise and proclaim the kingdom of God came back to him, they were rejoicing because they could expel demons by using Jesus’ name. Jesus told them he had given them power to tread underfoot the entire strength of the enemy and that nothing would ever hurt them (Luke 10). When we never read the verification of this we see that Luke had no right to put this unverified miracle in. Also, when the apostles were not preserved against being injured why would they be? And the promise that they had the power to defeat all the enemy seems like a boast. They could not have been given that power unless they were going to use it but evidently they did not for demons had been active after that. There was no point in God giving them the power unless they could use it. And God would be too wise to give people power he does not want them to use. The implication is that the power did not come from God at all. Jesus is confirming that his power came from Satan or from black magic. He is also confirming that he did not want the seventy-two to release all people from the demons which is a hint that he was in collaboration with the demonic powers and was allowing some exorcisms as a stepping-stone to get more people under demonic control. He told them not to be glad that they could cast out devils but to be glad that their names were written in Heaven. Really good people would be happier about doing good and destroying evil then they would be about being guaranteed the happiness of Heaven.
The demons that Jesus cast out may have been mere psychological forces that behaved like evil spirits. When they were called evil spirits like the damned in Hell were it shows that there is a link. The evil spirits have something to do with causing the bad forces – they possessed and hurt people through making them mentally ill. Nobody should say that the demons were merely mental illness. And the gospels never even think of mental illness as being an explanation. How could they? Mental illness was this huge mystery to them in those pre-scientific days.
In Acts 16 a slave girl is possessed by a pythonic spirit (v 16). It helps her with clairvoyance and to predict the future. This refers to the python or snake that was thought by the superstitious to guard the Oracle at Delphi. The serpent was supposedly killed by the god Apollo. Presumably its ghost was possessing the girl! Her gift was very lucrative to her associates. Paul and Silas and others were preaching about Jesus. She went about annoying them for days telling people that they were the servants of the Most High God who would lead them to salvation. Paul finally had enough and told the demon to leave her. It did. The source of income was gone! Paul and Silas were thrown in jail to punish them. It is surmised that the reason demons advertised these men and their message was because they thought they were superior to God. That is nonsense and a rationalisation. We read that the demons were scared of God. It was all a demonic scam to get converts for a demonic saviour. The fact that Paul let her demon preach for him for days before doing an "exorcism" proves that. A demon would certainly be happy to leave if it were helping to get converts for a false Messiah.
In Acts 19, Jewish magicians try using the name of Jesus to cure a possessed man.  It is interesting that Acts 19:13 states that these Jews tried to get evil spirits out by saying, "In the name of the Jesus preached by Paul, I command you to get out."  It reads as if, "We only take Paul's word for it about this Jesus, otherwise we know nothing about him."  And also, "This name has magical power."

The demon tells them they have no right to use the name of Jesus and that he knows Jesus. He then attacks the magicians who were lucky to get away with their lives. Again this is blatant advertising for Jesus. The demon would not tell them how to exorcise him or tell them Jesus was the saviour unless Jesus was a son of the devil pretending to be a saint. It is like a Republican candidate for the US Presidency recommending his Democrat rival.  You might say that Jesus' existence was controversial ...tempting thought!

Oddly, exorcisms preceded by prayer and which are prayers have backfired.  Yet Jesus in the New Testament never prays before exorcising.  He never uses prayer to get the demon out.  He just tells it to go.  It is odd that a man who went off to pray all night like Jesus would seem to act more like a showman magician than a true child of God.

If demons are smart they are going to act stupid if somebody realises they are in somebody.  They will pretend to leave.  They will act as if Jesus is a threat.  There is terrible pressure on exorcists not to tell the whole truth and to claim success.  If demons are really stupid exorcisms would work faster but they can take years.  The demon leaving to go to a better victim or pretending to be gone and then showing up again years later is not success.  The whole thing is a game.

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