The gospels mention Jesus casting out demons with a word and curing those who were sick.  Matthew 4:24, Matthew 8:16, Luke 9:1,2. 

Does this mean he and his followers who he sometimes got to do these things for him with his authority were distinguishing between those affected by demons or those who were just sick?  But he is described as treating people who were sick as if possessed like the epileptic.  I'd take it as saying the subjects were both sick and possessed.  Jesus never warns, "Make sure that you are not telling people who are merely sick that they are possessed."

Jesus just assumed the people brought to him were possessed for real and even had the apostles doing the same thing.  He praised a man who was not even in the group for trying to cast a demon out using the name of Jesus.  There was no sense of responsibility and no monitoring.  This is important for the Church obscures all this which shows how deep its faith really is and faith is really often not faith but a social habit pretending to be faith.

The Church has one or two priests in every diocese who perform exorcisms. It claims every priest has the power to cast out demons which possess people's bodies but only a few are selected and trained for the job.  The training involves discerning if a possession is real.  Information from psychiatrists is necessary as well to help.

 But in the Bible we read that Jesus choose his ignorant unstable and selfish disciples as exorcists and even protested when they complained that a man outside their group was casting out demons in Jesus’ name. Jesus then does not see any need for being cautious and using science and medicine to make sure the person isn’t just suffering from a mental or physical disorder.

How could Catholic exorcists have the power to cast out demons in Jesus’ name when they aren’t even obedient and don’t think much of the way he did things? How can they see their job as good when they know that for most of the Church’s history nobody knew how to differentiate between possession and mental illness? (They never did but it was worse in the past!) And yet exorcism was still practiced, permitted and even commanded by God and Christ and Church!

From the way Jesus acted he wanted all mental illnesses seen as possession. Even if he wanted them to be seen as possible possession that is still awful. Teachings like that only make mental patients suffer more and makes their illness worse. And what about their families. 

To promote Christianity is to promote something that will disturb people who are mentally ill for a common symptom of mental illness is feeling afflicted by a demon or that a demon is present. The Church will flippantly say that even if it didn’t teach about demons and the Bible didn’t mention exorcisms and Jesus didn’t exorcise people would still be reporting such effects. But at least that would be nobody’s fault. To teach mentally ill people that it is possible for people to be possessed and hurt by demons is to hurt them and harm them. It is religious fanaticism. It is vile for there is no coherent evidence for any religion being true for they all manufacture evidence and the evidence for one religion contradicts the evidence for another religion that is against that religion.
Only trained high level conjurers not scientists or priests have the right to determine if the events surrounding an apparent victim of possession are really supernatural and not tricks. But even then they will be only able to go as far as to say that the events are inexplicable for just because something cannot be explained doesn’t mean it is a miracle or supernatural.

The Catholic Church says that the Lourdes apparitions of Mary are not part of the faith and that because of that no apparition can ask you to do something dangerous. But still it said officially that Mary appeared there though she had people eating dirty infected plants and drinking water from a spring in a diseased dump. The alleged cures are mentioned but many people got more ill and died after drinking that water but usually the water was not blamed for they were sick anyway but what if the water helped kill them? That no harm seemed to have happened is not the point. The point is the apparition had no right to seek that trust. The Church just isn’t reliable when it comes to judging if something is from God or Satan or miraculous or not. It is the exorcists themselves who are possessed by evil and fanaticism.

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