A religion or a grouping around the God idea is a cult with franchise.  If it harms, the person who won't walk away and who becomes a minister is part of the problem.

The New Testament appears to assert that circumcision has been done away. This is wishful thinking for boys a few days old were put through this horrible dirty dangerous tradition.

We must remember though the changes to the Jewish faith were attempted by the followers of Jesus after he supposedly went back to Heaven so Jesus as a Rabbi or Jewish minister would have been cutting little boys.

Jesus despite claiming to be a Rabbi meaning one of the Jewish ministers, went as far as to claim to be the only Rabbi anybody really needs in Matthew 23. So though it is okay to have your minister you are better off running after him. Even in Matthew he says you must do what the scribes and Pharisees who were Rabbis generally themselves say but not emulate their hypocrisy. He validated their baby cutting. As a Rabbi, Jesus must have circumcised baby boys. That was to Rabbis as saying Mass is to a Catholic priest. Circumcision was about entering the covenant which God made with Abraham's children and descendants if they were circumcised. They were to form a community united by God's moral mores and religious faith. Thus it committed them to belief in the Old Testament as the written word of God and to its horrific marriage laws with no protection for child brides and ceremonial laws. The laws included stern prohibitions on gay sex and on failure to support the animal sacrifice system.

Circumcision is no small matter for it is about a baby's body not yours and there are serious health risks and many examples of gruesome complications.  Plus the baby was at risk of genocide from antisemites.  The killers looked at its privates and then it was slain.

What harm does it do today?


Neonatal circumcision (NNC) is the most frequently performed surgical procedure worldwide and is generally considered safe in Western societies. Deaths attributed to NNC are seldom reported and are mostly explained by lack of adherence to medical standards. We reviewed our emergency department database for circumcision-related emergency admissions. During 2000-2013, 19 previously healthy neonates were admitted for acute complications after circumcision. Four were admitted for bleeding, with hemophilia identified in two cases and von Willebrand disease in one. Eight boys required emergency surgery, three for severe bleeding. Four boys with amputation of the glans underwent immediate surgical reconstruction. One infant was taken to the operating room to remove an obstructing Plastibell ring. Seven boys were admitted to the intensive care unit with severe bleeding or sepsis, three of whom ultimately progressed to hemorrhagic or septic shock. Two of these children died of their complications. We estimate that the annual incidence of severe complications requiring hospitalization after NNC in the Greater Toronto Area was approximately 0.01%, and the incidence of fatalities over the 14-yr review period was approximately 0.0012%. Our results indicate that the risk of serious complications and death as a result of NNC is greater than generally assumed.

Serious complications, death after neonatal circumcision higher than believed, study finds - results from a recent study in the journal European Urology Focus indicate that the risk of death and serious complications from neonatal circumcision is greater than generally assumed.  Source Medical Dialogues. 

As terrible as this study that was circulated in 2022 is, imagine how Jesus must have sentenced many a little baby boy, by his silence, by his action as a Rabbi, to dismemberment and to a cruel death.  In his day, many babies were not strong.  Infant mortality was high.  Infection prevention did not exist.  Jesus in fact ridiculed the handwashing by the Jews.

Being a man of his time is no excuse for Jesus who stressed standing out and being different for the sake of "truth."  Being a man of your time excuses nothing for somebody has to stand apart for progress to happen.  And somebody sometimes does.

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