The Christians argue that the Bible is true and it is inspired because it is true. How sad. A book could be meticulously consistent and true and about God and still not be the word of God. To say the book is inspired because it is true is to automatically affirm that if anybody creates another book that agrees with it that it must be scripture as well. It would be sectarianism and favouritism to pick on the one book. And a collection of books claiming to be scripture with greater clarity and credibility and consistency would have more claim to be the word of God. To say the Bible is true because it is inspired is to simply guess that the Bible is true. You are putting the cart before the horse. Instead of working out that the Bible is true you just take it for granted that it is true because it is inspired. That is also biased and bigoted. Jesus committed a sin [or wrong if you prefer, like me] too by stating that the Old Testament was the word of God and even more so for preaching what he said was the most recent word of God. To follow him is to become as bad as him.


Saying the Old Testament is important for guidance is a lighter claim than saying it is God's revelation.  But the cost is too big either way.  It means acquiescing to the murder of adulterous or incestuous people most of whom were only teenagers for nobody lived long in those days.  The murder was commanded by God and was performed by stoning to death.  There is a whole list of minor offences that got this treatment including making an idol for private devotion.  Jesus knew exactly what he was affirming when he applauded the Old Testament and sang in the synagogue about how it was perfect and infallible. His hymn book was the psalms which obsessed about the glory and beauty of the brutal law.
The gospels report the following story. Jesus was once approached by a Gentile or non-Jewish woman who wanted him to cast a demon out of her daughter. He ignored her. She persisted. Finally he listened. He said he would not take the food of the children to throw it to the dogs. She said that dogs have scraps off the table and for her answer he listened to her and healed her daughter. The Jews believing in accordance with their scriptures, claiming to be inspired by God, held themselves to be the top race in the world and the only race chosen by God. They referred to non-Jews as dogs or inferior human beings. Jesus did this as well. The early Church had more success among non-Jews than Jews. Indeed the apostles of Jesus commissioned to teach for him and to whom he promised his inspiration so that they would not err said that these non-Jews were turned into Jews spiritually in God's reckoning. So you still have to be part of this racist Church of Judaism to be a Christian. Christianity has racism at its core.
The gospels portray Jesus was a member of a fanatical religion that followed a murderous God.
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