JEREMIAH was a False Prophet

The Book of Jeremiah has God telling the people of Israel to add their burnt offerings of sacrifice to the other sacrifices and eat them themselves. This commands what was forbidden in the Law of Moses. These sacrifices could only be eaten by the priests. Then God says that in the day he brought the forefathers of Israel out of Egypt he did not command them concerning burnt offerings and sacrifices (Jeremiah 7). Jeremiah 33:18 has another revelation from God which contradicts this one. It says that day and night will cease before God allows it that there will be no Levitical priest to offer these sacrifices or that there will be no son of David to sit upon the throne of David. Today the Levitical tribe has totally vanished and there is nobody on the throne of David. It is no good to say that Jesus is on it for he is in heaven and he never took a throne - to use miracles to be able to say that Jesus was enthroned is a cop-out. The Bible then was not only a failure at predicting the future but also one at telling the will of God. The latter type of failure is more inexcusable for it should be easier. Jeremiah 8:8 even goes as far as to say the Law of Moses was edited and many interpolations shoved in by heretical scribes.

The Christian solution to the contradiction about the sacrifices is that the sacrifices offered were offered in a bad spirit to God and were worthless and that the rules of the Law then did not apply to them and they could treat them as unholy and eat them themselves. That solution is dangerous for the Law needs to be upheld for the sake of order. There will always be people who think the Law is being broken and who might then feel entitled to desecrate the altar and the sacrifices because of logic like the logic of the Christians. It is not the solution Jeremiah had in mind. There was no need to cause a riot but just to warn the people and the priests to convert. The Churches then try to say that the sacrifices God meant were made to pagan gods. The passage only mentions in passing drink offerings made to other gods. But there is no hint that the system of worship created by Moses was being used in the worship of other gods too. God tells them that they can do what they like with their sacrifices to HIM because he gave no command about sacrifice when the people of Israel came out of Egypt but did command them to obey him. The Christians say that there is no problem for the believer in Bible inerrancy in this for he commanded them about sacrifice later. But the time is not the point in the verse. The point is that God does not want sacrifice for he never commanded it. They want it to mean the absurd: “In the day I brought your forefathers out of Egypt I gave them no command about sacrifice so you can do what you like with your offerings but I commanded them later.”
Jeremiah 8:8 gives the Christians so many nightmares that the wily Haley steers well clear of it. It says that the Law of Moses has been interfered with by scribes so that the result only leads the people astray. The verse itself never hints that it only means some or a minority of the people but the contrary. And neither does the context. God says his people do not know the law of God (v7). It’s them all. He just attacks the wise men and says they teach the false Law and does not name a sect. If you are to change the law you have to form a sect and he names no sect so the whole people were ignorant and misled by deceiving scholars and Judaism had apostatised.

Daniel regarded Jeremiah as a true prophet so it follows that Daniel was as much of a fake as he was.

Jesus knew the Old Testament well. Yet he still claimed it was infallible. Rather than being the credential for his messiahship that he made it out to be it shows he was a fraud and that the Jews were happy to believe in a religion with scriptures that nullified one another which shows they were too keen to believe what they wanted and cannot be relied on when they turned to Jesus.   

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