Christianity leads to Islam

The word Islam comes from al-Slim which is the Arabic for surrender.  Some lie that it comes from the word for peace al-Salaam.  It does not.  They lie just because the two words are similar and that is how they get away with it.  Christianity then is opposed to Islam and Islam to Christianity and Christianity must submit.


Why are Christians converting to Islam in droves?
Genuine belief in Christianity and God leads to faith in Islam. This is because Islam has the advantage of stressing things and living them out while Christianity is riddled with hypocrisy. 
- Both faiths emphasise love for one God alone which means they give God the right to hurt and kill and his behaviour to be approved 100%.   "Since you've been straightforward I will be too, if I ask you what your intentions are it's to reassure myself that you don't love me like a 'star' or an 'idol' because I get messages like that and I don't endorse that because the only person who deserves to be adored is Allah," a letter to a fan from Abdeslam of the Paris Attacks.  If you love others only because it is God's will you may act loving but you are not and it will cause some people to turn out like psychopaths.

how different God is from us, it is extreme pride to imagine that God is very like us.

- how he gives his word directly to a Prophet instead of us picking writings and proclaiming them the word of God


- Islam has better unity in faith and morals than Christianity. There is nothing like Protestants treating bread as God and Catholics worshipping a wafer as God. Or mainstream Christians having an abstract God beyond time and place and Mormons holding that God is a man with magical powers and who is confined to one place and one time. Islam has the marks of the one true Church, one, holy, Catholic.


-Islam claims that the Prophet Muhammad was an apostle of God. It has a better claim then to be what an alleged apostle produced than Christianity which developed years after the founders died. Also, Christianity is founded on the apostleship of Paul though he had no real credentials as an apostle.


-Islam is simple and therefore it suits everybody better than complex confusing Christianity.




Catholic, Belloc argued that the secret of Islam's success is the Catholic truths it teaches. He lists personal life after death, the oneness of God, the infinite majesty of God, his fairness and merciful nature, the "insistence on the equality of human souls". So for him the religion has enough agreement with Christianity to give it strength.

Oddly enough Christian writers claim that Islam's worst weaknesses are the inadequate view of God who is viewed as something with poor morals and the total lack of credibility in the doctrine that the Qur'an is the perfect dictated word of God. Thus the two central teachings are an extremely bad and fragile foundation.

[The notion that Islam venerates Mary is wrong for the figure is really Moses' sister Miriam.  This alleged veneration leads to many Catholics not caring about the other problems.  Catholicism tends to feel more for Mary than Jesus.]

Some think that the reason Muslims are generally impregnable to Roman Catholicism is that those truths satisfy them. This is odd for the Qur'an commands rejecting a God who is not strictly one person or a unity. For that reason saying Muslims and Christians have the same God is refusing to take Islam seriously and is a form of mild bigotry.  And Belloc needs to be reminded that equality in Islam does not exist.  Women are second class people and only men are equals and Muslim men at that.  Allah's justice and mercy leave a lot to be desired.


But anyway if doctrine is the reason for the impregnability - even Muslims in free countries hardly ever convert to Catholicism - that is a warning about doctrine.  It shows that doctrine has an effect on the human psyche.  You don't know what it is but you see it in action.  Doctrine of certain kinds turns into an idol. Faith in God is faith for the sake of faith if you will not abandon it even if the evidence and proof make it clear you should.

If the Bibles and revelations of a religion do not hold up under scrutiny or come across as credible then the religion based on them becomes a fragile community.  This fragility leads to fundamentalism and violence.  The bigger the religion and the more powerful and influential it is the more it will try to hold on to its place in the world.  The bigger the religion and the bigger the entanglement with politics the worse the problem will be and the more likely it is that there will be a problem.
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