The religion of Islam is based on the Koran which is believed was dictated by God’s angel to Mohammed. The Koran claims to be verbally inspired and to have Allah as its true author.

Mohammed had enough knowledge of Christianity to see the value of its savage doctrine of endless punishing in a power-hungry scheme. His version of it appears in the Koran with his God’s approval more often than it appears in the Bible.

God will make those he puts into the fire ashamed forever (The Imrans, 3:192). The one who defies God and Mohammad his apostle will dwell forever in fire (Women 4:13). We read that the damned will be sheeted with fire and when they cry out their faces shall be scalded with hot water (The Cave 18:29). Those who go to Hell stay in it forever (The Believers, 40:73).

The Zaqqum tree grows in Hell and those who eat it are tormented by its fruit which happens to be repulsive and like the heads of devils (The Ranks 37:68).

In Ornaments of Gold we read, “The wicked will have to bear forever the agony of Hell” (43:73).

The Koran teaches that all believers will go to Hell and that only the unbelievers stay there (Mary 19:71,72). There is no way a Muslim can die and escape it. The view that Islam does not teach an everlasting Hell is based on this fact but it is a mistake. Repenting as you die will not prevent damnation. This makes Islam a more terrifying religion than Catholicism which does offer ways to avoid suffering for sin, but only venial sin, after death in Purgatory. Deathbed absolutions can save you from Hell. Catholics can offer plenary indulgences so that you have nothing to suffer for in Purgatory.

The unbelievers won’t be unbelievers any more when they go to Hell so if they stay there so do the believers. Nobody gets out.

The Muslim believes that salvation is purchased by believing God and doing good works. That means that nobody can get into Heaven at all. Sin is infinitely bad so no one can buy salvation and the Koran denies that doing one good work is enough which means that an infinity of them have to be done first for attaining salvation.

The Cattle or Sura 6 says that people will dwell in the fire except as Allah pleases. Sura 11:106,107 says the same thing. But Jesus said the damned would go to Hell until they paid the last penny which would never be. These verses do not prove a temporary Hell except for believers who die in small sins for the same reason. Anybody that goes to Hell is there until God puts them out which means that God never will for he said so elsewhere.

The Mormon Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, presently regards Hell as a kind of purgatory except for Lucifer and his sons of perdition who will remain there forever.

The Book of Mormon fraudulently preached to be the word of God and to have been translated miraculously by God through Joseph Smith who founded the Church in 1830 contains the most numerous direct and explicit statements in agreement with the traditional Christian doctrine of Hell that can be found in any volume of so-called scripture (2 Nephi 9; 28:23; Jacob 6:10).

Moroni declared that anybody who says that young children need baptism is in danger of unending torment (8:20, 21). Those who go to Hell will endure endless misery because God’s mercy will never have a claim on them again (Mosiah 3). The Book of Mormon teaches that spiritual death is separation from God (Jacob 3:11; Alma 12:16) and that eternal death or destruction awaits the wicked (Alma 12). They will be cut off from God forever. Mosiah (2:39) says that the torment of Hell is final and never-ending.

The Book of Mormon gives us no reason to believe in Hell. It was allegedly written down on golden plates which were given to Smith by an angel. Three then eight witnesses said that the plates existed. Despite the testimonies and the miracles it is a fact that the book is a pack of lies. There is no evidence that it is an ancient record of the history of the Americas. Not one of the items used as currency which it mentions have been found. The book has stupid miracles like God turning the Lamanites’ skin dark because they were bad. It is a load of racist codswallop and it childishly repeats plots over and over again and borrows storylines from the Bible and even contains chunks of the King James Bible with its errors and all. Anti-Mormon Christian groups can supply further information that the Mormons would not like you to know. It is absolutely certain that Smith was a fraud.

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