Why Papal Infallibility is a Hoax 


Is the pope, the visible head of the Church of God on earth, and Vicar of Jesus Christ, rock that the Church is built on succeeding St Peter really able to teach without error? Or in other words, is he infallible?  This doctrine if true makes him the most important person on earth. If nearly everybody on earth could die to save the pope they should. The infallibility doctrine is disgusting and reflects the papacy's wish to be right more than to be compassionate. This wish continually causes wars and strife. It reflects belief in the rightness of that egotistical and troublemaking wish. However the popes are afraid to use infallibility a lot for they would only get found out. The power is concerned more about religious beliefs than religious morality and it is that kind of attitude that is to blame for all the religious divisions and squabbling and quarrelling in the world.
It is vile and arrogant of the Bible, the Church and the Pope to claim their teaching is loving and infallible. That is for others to decide, not them. It does a man no good to claim to be loving and good and to be Mr Perfect if others don't think so.
The Church is so infallible that it never issued a condemnation of slavery until 1888. It only did it for it had become obvious to all the nations in Christendom that it was wrong. Instead of starting the abolition of slavery, it only used the abolition to enhance its own standing in society.
The Roman Catholic Church claims to be infallible in matters of faith and morals when it meets in an ecumenical council and the pope is infallible when he speaks as supreme teacher of the Church and makes it known what doctrines the Church is bound to believe. Infallibility is not inspiration or revelation according to the Church. It is a tool which helps the Church determine what God has revealed. In other words, it clarifies that a doctrine taught by the Church is revealed by God. The difference between infallibility and inspiration is that with infallibility the Holy Spirit protects from error and inspiration is the Holy Spirit revealing and putting ideas into one’s mind. The Church says that it has no authority to add to what God revealed to the apostles which is why infallibility has nothing to do with revealing but just a help to work out what the apostles taught (page 88, Infallible?). But obviously the Holy Spirit must inspire and reveal to the infallible person or persons. You can’t protect from error unless you inspire the person away from error. Infallibility then does involve new revelation and new inspiration. When the pope is infallible he must work out first of all and think about what is right and the decision he makes is then infallible. How can the pope be infallible when he doesn’t intend to be inspired or for God to reveal new ideas to him?
Even if the Church is infallible and so is the pope, they should be able to delegate that infallibility to a team of theologians and professors. Why don't they? It would make more sense. It is stupid to have a non-theologian and/or semi-senile pope researching matters with a view to making an infallible statement when there are others more competent. If the Church is infallible, then it doesn't matter how it uses it as long as it uses it. If infallibility is an essential doctrine of the Church, the idea that the pope has to be infallible is not. The pope should be able to give it to somebody else. In Catholicism by Fr Richard P McBrien we read that the Catholic tradition insists that primacy and infallibility go together - that is that the pope must be infallible because he has the supreme primacy of authority in the Church (page 759). Yet he admits that the scenario of the pope giving infallibility to the final decision of a commission and then using his primacy to demand that the Church accept that decision isn't a problem (page 759). The same book states that in the early centuries of Christianity, some stated that Rome has never erred or corrupted the faith and that later this came to be understood as Rome CANNOT err (page 762). Of course there is always a first time and Rome doesn't err doesn't mean Rome cannot err.
It is obvious that even if what Pope Pius IX declared in 1854 that the Blessed Virgin was conceived without sin was indeed no addition to the Catholic faith, that Pope Pius IX used infallibility to declare the doctrine is an addition to the faith. In other words, it is a new infallible doctrine to teach that Pius was infallible that day. Few popes have bothered trying to use infallibility. The Church and pope claim to be infallible but they never claimed any obligation to use it. They just used it that's all.
The Church since it doesn’t add to revelation must be able to find proof in the scriptures of the apostles and the apostle’s tradition that the pope is infallible. The Vatican Council I used only two texts, Matthew 16:18 and Luke 22:32 to prove it and they prove nothing at all (page 89, Infallible?). Take this example. Jesus according to Matthew said that he would build his Church and the gates of Hell will never prevail over it. The Church has no reason to assume that the protection from the gates of Hell means protection from all errors. It only means protection from errors that wreck the faith and make the Church no longer the Church of Jesus. Clearly then the Church used bad evidence and when the evidence is wrong so is the conclusion.
The pope became infallible at the First Vatican Council under Pius IX in 1870. The Church has always taught that no council is ecumenical until it has been accepted by the whole Church as such for infallibility belongs to the Church as a whole (page 63, Handbook to the Controversy with Rome, Volume 1). The Roman Councils were just held and their decisions enforced as infallible. But since the Church was not freely and intelligently led as a whole to accept them they cannot be ecumenical and therefore cannot be infallible. The pope became infallible by instigating faked infallibility at a Church Council. But the evidences that the pope is a charlatan and a fake are numerous and this book hopes to touch on the main ones. The Church reasons that the pope is infallible because God would not leave his Church without an infallible guide for he promised the gates of hell would never prevail. Bizarrely, the pope excommunicating unfairly and causing schism, the pope neglecting to teach the truth and causing heresy to thrive, the pope having a plausible rival pope, the pope being forced to make decrees at the behest of godless emperors – like Pope Vigilius and Pope Liberius did, all these things don’t count as the gates of Hell prevailing! And even more strangely the pope teaching error while invoking infallibility in some doctrine that matters little like the assumption of the Virgin Mary does! Such a doctrine can only be ridiculous. Small wonder that most people when they hear of papal infallibility assume that it must mean the pope is some kind of sinless god.


This book is a goldmine for the person who wants to shake off the guilt of disobeying the pope. It is liberty to the slavery the pope wants to subject them to. It is basically a collection of hard to come by official Church texts that show that the popes did not always teach the same thing.
The book proves that ecumenical councils regarded some popes as heretics and excommunicated them (page 13). We are informed that statements from the early Church that seem to indicate the bishop of Rome is the head of the Church and keeps to the truth may have been forged for in the mid-eighth century a lot of forging and interfering with texts by copyists took place in order to help the papacy take over the Church (page 12). The book quotes the decree of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that states that Pope John Paul II made a statement that belongs to the faith and which is therefore without error and irreformable and irreversible when he said the Church had no authority to ordain women (page 17). The doctrine of St Thomas Aquinas and Pope Innocent III that you should deny Christ if your conscience commands it but you will still be damned for doing so is spelled out in this book (page 27). Very reasonable and kindly men these two! Chapter 4 contains commands from the popes who wanted heretics persecuted. Innocent III said this was to be a perpetual law and that even the house a heretic lived in was to be burned down. Pius VI in 1791 condemned encouraging people to think for themselves and St Pius X opposed the separation of Church and State in 1906. Benedict XIV forbade Jews and Christians to live in the same cities in 1751 in his encyclical A Quo Primum (page 71). Pius XI in Mortalium Annos in 1928 said that Catholics cannot attend Protestant worship and unity can only happen if the Protestants return to the true Church. The papacy used all its power, secular and spiritual, to maintain the practice of buying and selling slaves even if they were Catholics (page 88). The Holy Office of the evil Blessed Pope Pius IX in 1866 stated that slavery was acceptable in divine and natural law and should be (page 84).
One omission in the book is that Pope John Paul II now forbids capital punishment though tradition and the Bible command it. Catholics say that he is not saying capital punishment is wrong full stop but only that it is not necessary today and the Bible regulations are only meant to be carried out if the Church runs the state which it does not. The capital laws of the Bible were never necessary and God could not object to Christians using the state to kill people their God wants dead like heretics, homosexuals and adulterers. For him to object now, would be the same as saying he was wrong to go so far. If killing those people was right then, then it is always right. And especially today when we have tremendously better resources for establishing the guilt of a felon than what existed in the days God demanded liberal executing by stoning of certain kinds of “sinners”. Also when he demanded death not by strangulation but by stoning – an exceptionally cruel method – it shows God’s full and unhesitant approval of capital punishment. It is not a necessary evil but something DESIRABLE. The pope is both condoning the crime of capital punishment and saying he does not – another crime. The Catholic view that capital punishment was encouraged by God to protect the state and its members is not true because the Bible laws could have done that without commanding the killing of those people and also because the Bible says these killings are punishment. Now could they be punishment if you need them to protect others? That would not be punishment but self-defence. The laws of the Bible had nothing to do with protecting but about showing the people who was boss, God and about God getting his own back on those who ignored his law.


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