Free will means you make your own choices.  The denial of free will argues that choice is programmed. Free will is a popular idea for people feel worried about being programmed but so what?  If we are we are doing fine.

Religion treats free will as indicating that there is a God for its a sort of miracle and also because God is good so evil and harm are blamed on us.  Religion argues that without free will a relationship with God would be meaningless.

God being creator of all including our choices means that a choice being ours does not get him off the hook.  The paradox is that we go against him because of him.  This shows that the feeling of freedom that we all report is an illusion even if we do have free will!  He makes the circumstances of our choice.

God if he makes the feeling and he must is a liar.  That does not inspire confidence in the truth of free will.

Also we are told free will is the choice between helping another for their own sake instead of doing it for some reward such as self-approval or feeling good about it.  The latter is egoism.  This is not true for we help others for we want to under the circumstances even if it feels awful for we are going to feel awful anyway or worse.  We tend to impose our ideas of what it is like to suffer on others so we make it about ourselves to a large degree.  We may need to make it about ourselves enough before we do anything.  Religion says we do not like to admit our bad side our ego so it lurks even when we think we are being good for the sake of being good.  So feeling you have really helped for the other person is possibly a sign that you have not. You are only guessing that there is no egoism in what you do.  It is not an opinion or a belief but a guess.

Free will as in altruism is based on too many lies.

Free will is supposed to be about love, hate and indifference.

There is love, hate and indifference. Which of these is the automatic or the default?

Love is a choice to value another, hate is a choice to deny value to another and so is indifference. You would hope love is the default but it is not.

Indifference can be a weapon. When you act some reasons for acting can be hate, some can be indifference and some can be love. An act can be a mixture of motives.

Indifference is a choice. It can be consciously chosen or unconsciously. A passive choice is still a choice. It is like when you find yourself eating bread for you are starving without even realising you grab it and consume it.

Passively chosen indifference is the default. If God made us like that in our natural state then God is evil or perhaps indifferent himself. By calling him good we want to praise our bad selves. It is not about him.

If the idea of an evil God is absurd then you can say there is no God and that the evil is really in those who say there is one.  The idea of an indifferent one means you don't have a God as in one for relationship but one that is just a thinker or maker.  It could be a very whimsical "God".

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